How Japan Turned The United Kingdom Into A Cute Anime Girl

Italy looks like a boot. Romania looks kind of like a fish. And the United Kingdom? The country certainly has a distinctive shape — a shape that Japan turned into an anime girl.

As website Japan Sugoi pointed out this week, a thread popped up on bulletin board 2ch online in Japan last fall. In it, the shape of the United Kingdom was compared to "a girl who worries tremendously about her bosom". Bwah? you say. This makes perfectly good sense!

Northern Scotland, the thread said, looks like a hat, while just above Edinburgh, the land looks like a face. Above Newcastle, it looks like a female's bosom. Then Liverpool and the land south of that looks like a skirt. The resulting anime character looks like a Victorian female.

Here is how that creative train of thought played out online in Japan. There is a long history of anthropomorphic maps that has existed for centuries, whether that's turning Russia into a giant octopus, the United States into an eagle, or Europe into a queen.

This recent anthropomorphic map, however, even inspired a new round of land mass personifications. You can see them here.

イギリスの形って胸の大きさ気にしてる女の子に見えるよね (画像あ [ニュース2ちゃんえる via Japan Sugoi]


    I don't want to seem mean but how is this gaming related at all? In other words.

    Who the heck actually comes to Kotaku to read about this sort of stuff...

      And yet here you are

      It's an otaku culture piece. One that actually is pretty good looking. Live with it.

      When its something worth getting hits or attention grabbing, Japanese, movie, gaming or even pop culture related. It'll come up on the site

    Watch out, England. Now Japan will try to see your underpants with the determination of a thousand suns!

    It looks awesome!
    I'm amazed at the creativity of some of the people out there in the world and while it may not be the most visually stunning, It still looks pretty cool xD
    In response to chap, maybe someone can get a video game character as a country? ;P

    I was seeing a victorian lady facing the other way, weeping into a lady's kerchief with the wind blowing her skirt in the direction she was facing.

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