How Square Enix Screwed Up Black Ops II For Japan

For years now, Square Enix has published the Call of Duty games in Japan. Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada is apparently a big fan of the series — and Western games. His goal is apparently to make Japanese gamers more open to playing foreign titles. That's admirable. It would be more admirable if the company didn't keep screwing up the games.

A few years back, Japanese gamers were very upset over spotty localisation for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The line "Remember, no Russian" (AKA, Don't speak the Russian language) was written as "Kill 'em, the Russians" in Japanese.

Now it's Black Ops II's turn. The Japanese language version features jarring and nonsensical localisation.

This image is supposed to say "Eliminate Enemy Players" in Japanese, but the way it's written seems somewhat odd (敵プレイヤーをせん滅しろ). Instead of writing "elimination" as 殲滅 (senmetsu), it's written with "sen" in hiragana script: せん滅. As jarring as it might seem to a few Japanese players, the word can be written that way. And is. So to be fair, this isn't actually a mistake. The rest of the multiplayer localisation, however, is.

Take the multiplayer welcome screen, which seems like should say "Welcome to Multiplayer" in Japanese (マルチプレイヘようこそ or "Multiplayer ni Youkoso"), but it actually says "マルチプレイヤーへよ........q". It's unclear what "........q" refers to. It's unclear what much of the localisation refers to.

For example, there's this image. It wants to say "Hacking" in Japanese, but they cannot even fit the Japanese word for ハッキング on the screen. It cuts out at the corners, making the "gu" character (グ) look like the character for "ku" (ク). And "hacking" (ハッキング) in Japanese isn't even a verb by itself; it's a noun!

Take this image. On the screen of the above handheld device, it reads "kensaku chuu" (検索中), which means "looking something up." Like, in a dictionary. Pretty sure the latest Call of Duty multiplayer doesn't have you look up words or things online while playing. (If it does, that's awesome!) Rather, the Japanese tansakuchuu (探索中) or maybe "saachichuu" (サーチ中) would be better.

Then, there are the descriptions of the different multiplayer matches and equipment, which many Japanese players are finding to be confusing.

The truly odd thing is that most of these words should be in English. Japanese people know basic English and all study it at school. Many Japanese products — especially cars and electronics — have simple English in them. So writing "hacking" or "searching" in Japanese doesn't actually make much sense. Players would understand what they mean.

Online in Japan, people are complaining about these mistakes and bitching at the publisher. Some of the bad localisations are even becoming memes! A modern day "All your base are belong to us", if you will.

The Black Ops II Japanese localisation seems like it was done by individuals who didn't know the context of what they were localising and didn't have the opportunity to get the necessary context. localisation is more than looking things up in dictionaries. So is Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is on sale today in Japan.

『コールオブデューティー:BO2』のローカライズが酷い。「マルチプレイヤーへよ........q」 [2ch via カオス]


    that 'よ.....q' thing is really bizarre.

      Yeah, it's like nobody actually checked it before release...

        Square Enix are just following Treyarchs lead.

    So it's basically Engrish in reverse.

    Just like CAPCPOM have a horrible time with English, etc.

    You'd think they'd at least get someone proficient in the language to test/proofread the localized game for errors.

      But you don't make money by spending money! You make money by cutting costs at every conceivable point!

    Good to see it happens in reverse too ~

    Makes me wonder what the Japanese version of All Your Base... is

    You need to read stuff to play COD? Hardly... What's even worse is when real games with stories get messed up, not when word that are to long get chopped. Most of these mistakes seem intentional.

    For a game that few probably care about, if this is all you're picking on it sounds more than fine to play.

    I really want to get onto a Japanese server. Whilst they are looking at all the writing and tutting "oh thats a noun not a verb" I will be getting my score up Yey for me!

    If getting Japanese folk to start enjoying foreign games is the goal, I wouldn't be starting with CoD.

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