How The Wii U Will Handle Comments

In Nintendo's Miiverse, players can register new friends and follow them. (There is also a direct messaging function.) But since everyone is talking about video games in the Miiverse, you might accidentally read a spoiler. Good news: Spoilers can be hidden. The MiiVerse is designed to quickly hide common spoilers through an automatic setting.

In some games, such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, it's even possible to leave comments in game. In Nintendo Land, for example, you can check out comments from others at each attraction.

Nintendo Direct [任天堂]


    How do you spoiler a spoiler that the poster hasn't marked as a spoiler?

    I find this article far less informative than the title implies.

      Welcome to Kotaku, you must be new here.

      It's for game alerts. Obviously, you don't want to see people's game alerts if they're ahead of you.

    *will handle

    Did we ever find out what the deal was with Nintendo apparently trying to review comments before they're published that would take up to 30 minutes? Are they still doing that? I was hoping this article was going to explain how comments are handled...

    With a system better than the one that checks spelling in Kotaku headlines.

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