How To Play Skyrim When Your Power Is Knocked Out

The power may be out in parts of New Jersey, but that hasn’t stopped Reddit user pvalerio’s roommate from finding ways to play Skyrim.

In the dashboard of his Ford.

Now that’s dedication.



    Or you could install a ups in your home

      Better off with a generator, a UPS wont last long.

        If you had a bit of space for sure

          Not all generators are big. A UPS would give you an entire not very long of skyrim.

    Generator FTW

    "How To Play Skyrim When Your Power Is Knocked Out"

    I'm still waiting for the tutorial.

    Author: Kotaku.

    Nice try Plunkett / Jason

      Or it's like the awakening of Skynet. Except instead of trying to kill all humans it'll just repost heaps of things from tumblr and reddit.

        And make the humans kill themselves?

    Or you could help the community around you.. you know.. instead of going to extreme lengths to sit in front of a screen playing games.

    Hold on, how were the images uploaded with no power?

    Last edited 01/11/12 2:50 pm

    And then when you need to go somewhere or evacuate, you can't because you have a flat car battery. Clever yes, practical no.

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