I May Not Be A Fan Of Halo 4's Spartan Ops, But I Sure Do Love The Episodes That Come With It

So far, I only like Halo 4's mission-based Spartan Ops mode in theory. A new episode every week? Wait, every week? Amazing, I love the dedication.

The missions, on the other hand, have so far been boring and bland and monotonous. Fortunately the episodes that come with them are, like the game itself, gorgeous. So let's watch and enjoy them, shall we? Up top is episode one, and down below is episode two.


    Spartan Ops made me hate HUD waypoints. I can clearly see at least 1 of the 30 Elites you want me to kill, don't put an arrow on them!

    I am also enjoying the episodes, I don't have much issue with the missions and feel that they aid in character development as much as the episodes do.

    Wow, 343i really did get a blank cheque didn't they?

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