Iconic Anime Director Helming His First Live-Action English Movie

Iconic Anime Director Helming His First Live-Action English Movie

Mamoru Oshii is perhaps best known for highly influential anime, like Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell (above). He’s directed several live-action films before, including the 2001 Polish language flick Avalon, and is now set to direct his first English language film. It’s called The Last Druid: Garm Wars.

Here’s the plot summary, via ANN:

Taking place in a world of war known as Annwn, Garm Wars sets the scene with clone soldiers from 3 military tribes, in a bloody and perpetual battle of air, land and technology. One clone, Khara, finds herself separated from battle and on the run with unlikely companions. In seeking to know more about their joint existence, the fugitives instead find an unrelenting truth and the greatest battle of their lives.

Oshii first came up with The Last Druid over 15 years ago, when he was finishing up the first Ghost in the Shell anime. In 1997, Bandai Visual was planning on bringing the project to life as G.R.M. The Record of Garm War. It was supposed to be a CGI heavy, live action production; however, Oshii said that the digital environment at that time was “too undeveloped” and he was unable to complete the project.

“However, now in 2012, the environment for producing films has transformed, especially in digital technology which is currently operating at a shocking level compared to the time I first conceived this project,” said Oshii. “At long last, Garm Wars’ time has come.”

Ghost in the Shell’s Oshii to Helm His 1st Live-Action English Film [ANN]


  • I never really loved Oshii’s style of storytelling. While most of his movies are really interesting in terms of themes and concepts, his directing style is so slow paced and sporadic (imo) that it brings down otherwise great films. Not all the way down, but still.
    While I respect his GitS rendition, I much prefer the S.A.C. And The Sky Crawlers took too long to get to the point. Never saw Avalon, but I did catch Assault Girls, which was pretty bland.
    Maybe doing an English movie, he’ll adapt to a slightly more western approach than his other stuff anyway, best of luck to him.

  • Kit: I don’t believe you thought Avalon was trash! I thought it was the best SF movie of its year, like The Matrix only smarter and made for less money.

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