Iconic Street Fighter Artist Illustrates How The Internet Is Full Of Jerks

Ever notice how there’s always people online who seem to know everything? That take pleasure in showing they know everything when they notice mistakes? And then others gang up too? Maybe you are sometimes guilty of that. Maybe I am too. Maybe that’s the problem.

Akiman, best known for his Street Fighter art, does a good job of explaining this online problem in an illustration he titles “Internet”.

The character in glasses says, “One plus one is three.”

Another smiling character appears and says, “It’s two” and slaps the character across the face.

Then, the next smiling character in line also says it’s two and then pokes the character in the glasses.

“It’s two, stupid,” says the next smiling character in line, kicking the character and knocking off his spectacles.

Finally, another smiling character, wielding a sharp object, says “It’s two, you idiot. Die!” Then the character who was wearing glasses screams in pain as he’s stabbed.

And that is Akiman’s take on the mob mentality of the internet. Agree? Disagree?

インターネットを描きました [@akiman7]

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