If Only Real Steering Wheels Held iPads

I suppose having an iPad mounted to the steering wheel of my '95 Nissan Pathfinder would probably be some sort of distraction or something. I guess I’ll have to settle for the Kolos iPad Racing Wheel.

The Kolos iPad Racing Wheel is effectively a traditional racing wheel controller with a place to slot your iPad. It’s brilliantly simple. I’d imagine it would enhance immersion in games like Need for Speed Most Wanted quite a bit, once one gets used to the notion of the entire windshield tilting back and forth.

The Kolos wheel on sale November 5 on Indiegogo ($US65 for the wheel, $US99 for the wheel + base).


    The windshield tilting back and forth would completely ruin the point of this for me. If the game could be calibrated so as to correct the image and keep the viewpoint correct, now, that would be something.

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