If You Buy The Game Of Thrones' Throne, You Either Win Or Go Broke

Take a look at the image above from retailer Thinkgeek, and consider the company's love of joking around, and you'd think it's a hoax. Especially when you look at its $US30,000 price tag.

But no, the production images (and $US1800 postage) suggest this replace Game of Thrones...throne is an actual thing, which takes 6-8 weeks to build, is hand-finished (though mostly carved by a robot) and painted, is 7'2" tall and weighs 350 pounds.

It also looks pretty gross, the way the smoothed bottom section looks inflatable, but if you're the kind of person to thrown down $US30k on a replica fantasy series' throne, you're probably not the kind to be too concerned over the fine details of your home furnishings.

Game of Thrones LIFESIZED Throne [ThinkGeek]


    Replica not replace ;)

    I disagree with that last sentence. If you are the type to spend 30K on a single esoteric piece of furniture, you want it to look as authentic and accurate as possible

      True. But even If I had the money to throw away I don't think I'd buy a chair that's designed to be uncomfortable and is as likely as not to cut me.

        It always annoyed me how Joffrey would slouch in the Iron Throne (in the show) when the book describes it as being designed to cut anyone who gets too comfortable.

    Screw the chair, How much for that router? It'd be most useful in the building of the dragons and such.

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