I'm Adding Friends To My Wii U, And I'm Not Even Using Friend Codes!

The Wii U firmware update that just went live and will be mandatory for any of the system's online features has enabled me to start adding friends to my system.

The system is pretty easy. You press the Home menu on the GamePad controller, tap the Friends List option, and then start typing in the names of friends. You don't type in their real name. You type in their Nintendo Network name. They then have to type in yours at some point. After that... voila! You're friends in the system.

You can have up to 100 friends and can block people. I'm sure there's more you can do, but this thing just went live. Still exploring...


    I wonder what it is about 100 friends. Unless it's been changed, XBox Live has the same limit. Anyway, nice to see Nintendo's finally catching up to the other consoles in terms of online. Hopefully they'll come up with new things though.

      Yeah that limit definitely still exists on XBL. I think they said that once all the old xbox's were kicked off XBL, it would get raised eventually.......nothing yet though.

      I think PSN had a 50-60 limit at one stage and lifted it to 100 as well didn't they? So yeah, 100 seems to be the "sweet spot" I guess?

      Honestly why do you need more? I play plenty of multiplayer and my friends list only has 30 people on it. I probably only talk to about 7-10 of those on a regular (weekly) basis. When I first started I added just about everyone I spoke to, now I won't add someone until I've played with them a few times and then if I don't talk to/play with them again in the next 2-3 weeks I'll end up removing them.

    Gonna go all retro and make my username 3243-2897-4329-8742

    Would be nice if the 3DS got the same firmware update...
    I know it's not going to happen... but yeah, nice.

    Hi, what's your friend code? My username on wii u is Ewan456 and my Nintendo network Id is ewanskills

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