I'm Only Scared Of The Dark When It's Full Of Crazy People

We caught a first look at it a couple of weeks back, but here's a longer, better look at Outlast, an upcoming survival horror game from Red Barrels, a new studio made up of former Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Splinter Cell developers.

If you're not a fan of the setting up top, you'll hopefully like this: the team's mission goal says they are "an independent game studio focused on creating unforgettable single-player games."

The world needs more of that sort of business, so bless them for at least trying.


    That looks amazing!

      Visually, the game reminds a lot for The Dark Meadow for iPhone.

    Wow. This actually looks pretty damn scary for once.

    Oh darn that looks good!

    Wait a minute, no dubstep, so big set pieces with tonnes of explosions, no plethora of guns.... what kind of modern game is this....... :P

    oh white people...always need to check out where that sound came from or follow this trail of blood...instead of just getting the crap outta there :P

    I'm kidding, I'm kidding....or am I?

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