I'm Watching The Best In The World Play Halo 4 Live, You Should Join Me!

As we are all aware, Halo 4 is out this coming week, and the thing I'm most looking forward to is getting involved in multiplayer again. In preparation I've been watching MLG over the weekend, since they've been running a series of pro matches using the game. It's been pretty insightful in terms of learning the basics of the game, and getting an idea of some of the maps.

If you intend to play Halo 4 over the next month and beyond, it might be helpful to watch some of the best to pick up some techniques and tricks. It's also quite entertaining!

It's probably also worth noting that MLG is running tournaments for Starcraft and League of Legends if Halo isn't your thing.

You can head here to MLG site for more information, and head here to watch Halo directly. At the moment I'm about to watch the legendary Ogre twins take on Halo's other famous twin duo Roy and Lunchbox, so I'm pretty excited!


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