In South Korea, This Nintendo Booth Shows How Far The Company Has Come

At this year's G-Star gaming expo in South Korea, the country's Nintendo branch rolled out a nice looking booth. Its first G-Star booth. Let's check it out.

These photos, courtesy of Japanese site Game Watch Impress, are a great reminder of how far Nintendo of Korea has come. It was only a few years ago that a seemingly dodgy distribution company handled all of Nintendo's games in Korea.

Since then, the Japanese game maker has set up an official branch. And that branch has a nice G-Star booth with great red neckties. Progress!

任天堂の韓国法人Nintendo of Korea、G-STARに初出展 [Game Watch Impress]


    Oh Brian was that last photo of all the red-jeans-enclosed butts really necessary?

    poor brian, cant post a simple picture of some butts without being seen as dodgy

      Who cares about his critics???
      More butts please i say good sir!!!

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