In The Intergalactic War Between Apple And Android, There Can Be Only One Victor

The smartphone wars rage across the universe, the warring factions locked in an endless battle to settle once and for all which is better, iPhone or Android. But wait... there is another.

From YouTube's Warialasky, creators of Tetris: The Movie, comes a fairly accurate representation of the current state of the smartphone market, with lasers.


    All glory to the Nokia 3310 brick.

      no the 5110, must have the areial that jabbed you in the leg ALL THE TIME

      would have been my WMD

      Last edited 15/11/12 2:33 pm

    very clever

    Apple hardly represents the rebel fleet.

      I was thinking the same thing, but Android outnumbers Apple by a very significant margin. Tough call.

      ha yea.

      Apple provide the general public with a bright future for telecommunications. Everyone goes out and buys one, effectively giving Apple complete control. Then they tighten down on the innovation and drip-feed any generational leaps across 4 years. In the mean time, the other companies form an alliance with Google through Android. Apple sweeps down and takes one of the bigger manufacturers to court, trying to wipe out their entire fleet ur, I mean product line... well you know the story.

      What does Apple sound like now? haha

      yer, Apple are more the empire, and Android is more the rebels... I guese it could work if it where after episode VI and the death of the emperor (does that count as poor taste?). I mean at this point Apple is trying to maintain it's market share through litigation, trying to stop others from selling, instead of being competitive.

    The nexus Q would make a good death star

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