Introducing Kotaku Comment Voting

Introducing Kotaku Comment Voting

What sorcery is this?! As some of you have noticed, today we’ve rolled out comment up/down votes. Here’s how voting works.


See a comment you like? Give it an up vote. It’s more meaningful than a boring old +1, and you’re able to click ‘View voters’ see who else up/down voted as well.

We like that this type of transparency is a little unique. It also helps the more hot-headed amongst us stay accountable for our actions and votes.
Also new: After a certain level of feedback, comment vote counts will turn either green (positive) or red (negative). You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Overtime, we plan to build further on this initial foundation.


Today’s update is part of our continued membership-based commenting system. So no surprises that you’ll need to be logged in to vote.

Not a member? You can register here.

Membership has benefits, including on-site and email comment notifications, bookmarks, newsletters, exclusive competitions and more.

And as always, a big thanks to our tech team (Allure Media’s own @benwhite and @robhussey) for all their hard work. Like elves in the night…

Voting Issues?

Try hard/shift refreshing your browser and/or disabling ad-block.

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    • Lol for you maybe, I’m an arsehole, and I hate Halo, Mass effect, Apple, facebook and morons who wear skinny jeans…. I’m going to get down voted to oblivion 😀

      wonder if i can get the most down votes for the site.

  • This is a terrible idea, up/down voting is probably my most hated thing on the internet at the moment. It only promotes popular opinion, those who offer a genuinely good response that isn’t popular just gets their post buried. I seriously hope this is reconsidered.

    • This. I was thinking about this the other day. I liked how this was one of the few sites these days where commenting isn’t ruled by votes. I can only hope that it won’t be taken any further such as popular posts getting pushed to the top. That will lead to exactly what you said, good posts getting buried underneath whoever’s popular.

      • I find sites which use that system – IGN, I’m looking at you – are a collection of individual comments rather than a conversation. I can’t count the amount of times reading down the page that my planned comment, based purely on what I’ve read in the article, changes or is influenced by what other people contribute.
        Allowing conversations to play out in order is a really important part of what makes the community interact so well with each other, and I for one want that aspect left entirely intact.

    • Nah I agree mate. This is why we made sure not to use it promote or bury posts. In fact when Ben told me he was pushing the button on upvoting I was like NO WE SAID WE WOULDN’T DO THAT!

      Then he explained it to me and I remembered agreeing to up/downvotes the way they are now! 🙂

    • Agree so so much. whether it hides some bad comments or not, the whole thing in principle is just a popularity contest. it really is one of the most blatantly horrible things on the internet right now, its utterly contrary to the very purpose of a discussion forum, opinions shouldnt be hidden just because they’re not the same as the popular majority, I’m not sure why this needs explaining among rational adults… but I guess there’s your problem. And I’m just going to pre empt the response “only spam will get hidden” by asking you nicely to spend an hour browsing other sites that use this system, that’s simply not what happens.

      • D id not see marks response, yay phone browser! Can’t say its much better, what point does this “feature” serve then? Now its literally JUST a popularity contest?

  • Agreed. Further – displaying usernames that have voted up or down???? WTF. I don’t do that on polling day.

  • Doesn’t seem to work very well for me. When I click the buttons they seem to do nothing and the vote count doesn’t change?

    • Same was happening for me until I disabled AdBlock Plus on Kotaku. So it’s possible any type of ad blocking software is stopping it.

  • Preparing for an avalanche of down vote!!! A- does clicking on who votes display how you voted??? B- is this working yet? i have clicked on view voters several times – nothing

    • Many of the new features don’t work on the mobile theme, it looks like it’s for the web browser only at this point.

  • Is there more work being done so the login system works better? Right now it doesn’t auto-fill in chrome and logs you out after about a week (even if you visit every day).

    • Agh! So many sites won’t autofill properly. Even worse, sometimes it changes between individual pages on a site. Not just here, but random sites everywhere.

    • One thing I find now (in IE) is how ya have to login and logout between Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker, which can become irritating… I don’t know if this is an IE problem or not though?

  • Yay, this is a good addition. It’s always nice to be able to quickly skim through to see the “best” comments on a post.

    In other news, it appears the comment notification system is not functioning properly at the moment. I’ve had replies to some of my comments, but no notification at the top to tell me about it.

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