It's Final Fantasy XIII, But With Drunken Sex Talk

Binge drinking. Jerking off. Squids. It's just another wild night in the world of Final Fantasy.

That's because someone, let's call that person a genius, decided to combine screenshots from Japanese role-playing games Final Fanatasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Texts from Last Night.

Texts from Last Night, of course, is a website that collects humorous and amazing text message snippets.

The resulting Tumblr is Texts from FFXIII. It's been going strong for a month or so now, but in case you are new to the party, here's a sample, with Lightning, Snow, Vanille, and the other Final Fantasy XIII characters saying things they never would, but might just send via text message:

There's more in the Tumblr link below. Much more.

Texts From FFXIII [Tumblr Thanks, Muckamuck for the tip!]


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