Kick Criminal Butt With These Custom Arkham City Sneaks

There aren't many custom Converse Chuck Taylors I'd wear, but if I were going to, I'd consider putting on these ones. The folks over at Comics Alliance hopped onto the Converse Design Your Own DC Comics Chuck Taylors and came up with their own custom Arkham City kicks.

So, if you want to design your own (or cop the Comics Alliance layout), you can do so over at

ComicsAlliance's New Custom Batman Converse: 'Arkham City' Sneakers

Read More: [Comics Alliance]


    Thats nice and all but no shipping internationally

      hey @dnr I found a place to order these custom converse with international shipping:
      I just order mine, I let you know how the service was.

    I just bought a pair of these through - i was a little uneasy ordering them through a third party site but I just got mine today and they are so awesome I decided to give them a review on here!!!

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