Kingdoms Of Amalur Listed For $109.95 On Xbox Live In Australia

38 Studios' financial apocalypse has been well-documented. Ultimately, no amount of auctioning and memorabilia sales could redeem all-star pitcher Curt Schilling's game development legacy. Still, you have to wonder who's behind the pricing of the downloadable version being offered on Xbox Live Games on Demand in Australia. Maybe 38 Studios' only release is a collector's item now?

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    Got to be a mistake. Who's dumb enough to pay that much! Honestly.

    Swing by EB games and that price is common

      That's on sale compared to their prices lol

        Actually, yeah. I've seen CoD go for $120 at EB. Why do I even bother looking there?

          I don't understand how there are EB Games still operating with their prices. I really don't. You'd be mad to go there for a new release. The last time I went to EB to buy a game was San Andreas.

            I guess it's because their prices are so ridiculous, they can sell a game or two and the profits from that would be enough to keep them in business for the year.

              I shop there all the time, havnt paid over $100 for a game in a long time

            Stroll past one around Xmas. That's where the mums & dads go to get the games for their kids or where the kids drag their parents to in order to get the latest CoD. Most of them wouldn't have heard of any independent games shop or be aware that JB sell games.

            Those of us who buy from the UK or such are not the majority by any means....

          Fairly certain they price match, I pre-ordered BF3 at EB and they matched JB's price when I picked it up.

      Not for this game...
      Selling online at EB for under $50 currently

      Really? I rarely see anything above $90, mostly $70-80... Sure CoD's probably high, but that's high everywhere. And, sure, it's more expensive than online, but I'd rather not have to trust Australia Post to actually deliver something...

        Yep, 2 days ago I went into an EB and BLOPS2 was $109.

          All CoD games are expensive, tho. MW3 is still $99 on Steam, Blops2 & MW2 are $89 each... it's ridiculous. Looking at EB's prices, only things above $100 are CEs, and CoD... and a bunch of preorders that probably haven't had official prices announced yet.
          My point was that, while $109 is a common RRP, it's rare that they actually sell at that price nowadays, because they can't remain competitive if they don't bring the price down. Sure, one or two games don't get the discount, but one or two games does not make those prices "common".

            Actually 1 or 2 games consistently is "common".Common is not a substitute for "majority" and its simply stating that it is ordinary and not rare. Cholera is known as a "common" disease but only infects 1 in 120 people.

              "Occurring, found, or done often" or "Found in large numbers or in a large quantity". I think we're debating different definitions, perhaps? Maybe you're looking at it from the idea that every time you go to EB there's always something at that price? If so, I agree with that.

    No surprise. Online pricing of games for Aussies is a joke. Sony isn't much better.

    But this game was sub-par... and they want premium prices...

    (I only played the demo, maybe the released game was waaaay better...)

      It was.

      That's why people don't release demos these days.

      It wasn't, if anything, the demo was better because it cut off before you realized it how bad it is. This game was just boring through and through.
      It felt like an MMO except you are the only one playing.
      I don't know what Zap is talking about, especially since there are still demos for games, and Kingdom of Amalur isn't old enough to get "these days" comparative treatment.

    Unreasonable price.
    The only way they can even try to justify that price is if all the DLC is included. Even then it'd still be unreasonable.

    Looks like an ok game though. I'll watch it over Christmas on steam to see if the sales cheapen it. If not, meh. I've other games to play.

    This game was so awesome!

      I was a huge fan of Morrowind, & when I heard that it had some of the MW team working on it, with the Spawn writer doing the story, I was sold. got it launch day on steam for about $60.

      I really liked it & I wanna go back & do another playthrough.

      just.... $110 is a bit much...

      Edit: spelling

      Last edited 29/11/12 9:03 am

        My copy is currently in my car, I had loaned it to someone and only recently got it back

        I still have that last DLC to finish

        Then I would deffo play through again

        110 is a bit much, but if I knew any of the glorious people who worked on that game were getting that money I would pay it in a heartbeat

        edit* my copy was for Xbox :)

        Last edited 29/11/12 9:05 am

          Man... don't leave stuff like that in your car. Especially with the weather turning warm. It's going to be 40C here in Adelaide today... I remember years back we had a really hot day like this. A girl I work with went out to her car at the end of the day and found all her CDs had melted in their cases! Not like completely melted down to shapless blobs, but certainly warped out of shape so that they'd never play again.


            Good point

            Better get that out tonight then

            Also, what will I do with the CD's in my car?

            They live there

              Then they will die there.




                Bout time I switched up what's in my car

                And most of the time I just bluetooth the music from my phone

                Love my new car :)

    You guys are obviously not from around here! That's a regular first release full price for games in Aus. Some companies have been a bit better setting new prices at AUD$80, which I'm almost happy to pay. Guild Wars 2 was a most notable exception, USD$59.95 world wide!

      I'm pretty sure that's the highest downloadable price for an old release though. I'd be very surprised(and feel sorry for them) if anyone paid that price for it, even though I loved the game. There's reasonable prices...and then there's Microsoft.

      P.S. I may or may not have only replied to you because of your name. :P

      Considering it's what, $30 on USXBLA? I doubt anyone should take this as an acceptable price

    To answer your question Evan, the publisher set that price, because there's a digital price rorting scam in Australia.

    Prototype 1 (ON DISCOUNT) for $49 ok the ps3 store. Seriously. Someone's gotta start calling them out

    And when not a single person buys it, they go "oh well I guess that means nobody likes RPGs LOL TIME FOR MORE MEDAL OF DUTY HONOUR WAR"

    what a joke... but not uncommon for us aussies sadly :(

    great game though... shame the studio is gone :(

    Origin has this cheaper..

    The end of the works is nigh, this is proof

    Games on Demand for AUS would be such a great choice... If only it was actually good value....

    IMHO EBGames or someone like that should manage the online store, at least then we would have sales and suiteable pricing... iMHO

    Yeah ozgameshop is selling it for like 27 dollars. Haha.

    It isn't exactly news that Games on Demand is nowhere near competitively priced for Australia, although this is particularly egregious. That the US GoD store is IP locked hurts as well. Microsoft have two problems here, downloadable full titles are massively overpriced in Australia, and they don't reduce in price as the retail versions do. I want to be able to buy digital exclusively on console, but that won't be happening until they get competitive in pricing.

    Maybe Kotaku can start a price comparison article - weekly/monthly maybe??

    Its ridiculous when digital copies cost more than hard copies... then you got to download it!

    shit even skyrim is still $109.00 on xbox live, seriously how the hell do they stay in business?!!

    The solution? Buy a Microsoft points/PSN dollars card from the states. Buy on US Live/PSN from 60% less.
    But what about supporting australian Industry and companies like EB You say? They take advantage of their customers they deserve it.

    I would throw loads of money at the online store on XBL if the prices weren't a joke. So instead I keep buying used games from eBay when I want a filler game.

    Wow I bought this game the other week for $29 at JB HI FI. $109 is an absolute joke of a price to pay considering the time it's been out and 38 doesn't even exist any more.

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