Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Console Games

Okay, last week we had the Indie/Downloadable category, today it's the turn of the console category. Pretty much anything goes for this category — anything playable on the Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 (or Wii U if you have one!) is eligible. This week we'll take all your nominations, next week we'll put it to a vote, and the week after that we'll announce the winner.

Just to clarify — since this year has been big for games on Xbox LIVE and PSN — downloadable games are also eligible for this award. So nominate away!

I'll drop a couple of my nominations first...

— Dishonored (360/PS3) — Halo 4 (360) — Journey (PS3) — Trials Evolution (360) — Fez (360) — FIFA 13 (360/PS3)

Yep, a lot of downloadable games there. That's mostly what I played this year!

Drop your nominations in the comments below!


    I'm playing it on PC, but it's also multi-platform.

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

    Yes! It's time!


    Seriously. Most confronting and innovative take I've ever seen on a modern shooter. Haven't stopped raving about it for days. Ask anyone. Honest.

      I agree, best console game of the year by far for me! An acquired taste for sure, but I loved it.

    And one very large vote for something people will think I'm nuts for voting for: Final Fantasy XIII-2. I loved that game, got my first Platinum Trophy with it, and had the most fun in a game all year with it. (Feels like I should add a "so there!" onto that. :P )

      We posted kinda the same time - right on brother, lets not be ashamed!

        *Mental note: nominate Ash for Community Kudos for having great taste* :P

          And for anti-kudos for calling you "brother"?

      Not to worry - I believe that insane nominations count just the same! :)

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Yeah I said it D:

    Last edited 28/11/12 3:00 pm

      I quite enjoyed that game too. Although I do admit I keep forgetting it exists :P

      Not GOTY material for me though but was still a lot of fun!

    Journey, only console game I have played this year.

    Mark of the Ninja!

    If multi platform games are allowed then

    Borderlands 2

      Oh, completely forgot about Dragon's Dogma. That game gets my vote too!

    Mass Effect 3 or Dragon's Dogma for me!

    Skyward Sword didn't release until after voting had started last year (and I suspect many people won't have played it until after the results were announced) so I'm going to presume it's eligible this year and nominate it.

      I don't think i bought any games released in 2012. None worth console game of the year nominations anyway.

    Max Payne 3 and Sleeping Dogs are my votes. I have a feeling Farcry 3 will be up there too.

    Dragon's Dogma was game of the year for me, despite its problems.

    Also XCOM if games with PC releases are allowed too (the requirements are a bit vague...).

    Sadly, none of the games I've played this year deserve the title. Mass Effect 3 was good, but didn't live up to its potential, and I'll say the same for Assassin's Creed 3 (even though I haven't yet completed it).

    All the true contenders as I understand it: Spec Ops, Max Payne 3, Journey, Skyrim, Dishonoured... I haven't played any of them.

    I'll just be sitting back and watching this year, I think.

      Agree. Console-exclusive titles I've purchased this year are probably just Journey and The Last Story. I found Journey to be particularly disappointing. The Last Story started well, offered a fresh approach to JRPG game play, but lacked momentum. The only multi-platform title that I've played on console is Mass Effect 3 (purchased second hand off a particularly generous and handsome gentleman), which I'm only part-way through, but I'm already feeling "missed its potential". I guess that leaves me nominating multi-platform titles based on playing them on PC.

      The Walking Dead (no surprises there)
      Borderlands 2

    Mass Effect 3 just did it for me this year, ticked all the boxes for what i wanted it to be.

    Edit Forgot it was console
    Mark of the ninja

    Last edited 28/11/12 2:32 pm

    Tough one this year. My nominations are: (no order)
    Batman Arkham City
    Halo 4
    Mass Effect 3
    Forza Horizon

      Oops, scrub bats. He was 2011.

    Dishonoured. One of the best games i've played. ever.

    Borderlands 2? Anybody?

    And Trials Evolution too, but that's already been said and this is just nominations.

      Yep. Definitely +1 for Borderlands 2.

      And +1 for Dishonored.

      And -10 for FIFA 13. Seriously it's good and all but GOTY-worthy? Hell no.

      +1 Badass Vote for Borderlands 2 (they're better than regular votes)

      + another for Borderlands 2! Never have I had so much fun on local coop. I've seen the opening twenty minutes four times now and it is funny every single time.

    Max Payne 3 - because Max Payne 3
    Mass Effect 3 - disregard all that ending controversy, it was a wonderful journey
    Sleeping Dogs - this one really surprised me, a lot of fun and the melee combat was pretty good

    Borderlands 2. Epic game, just like the first.

    I haven't played it, but I would expect Mass Effect 3 to get a mention. Hopefully Far Cry 3 for late contender, pending public response tomorrow. Max Payne was great though! Also If sporting titles are going in don't forget NBA 2K13

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