Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Games

Yesterday we took nominations for the Handheld/Mobile category, today it's the turn of what I think might be the most stacked and competitive award this year. In my humble opinion 2012 has been the year where multiple downloadable games became genuine Game of the Year contenders. I'd love to hear your nominations.

Here's the process: this week we take nominations (leave them in the comments below) then next week I'll take all the nominations and put together a poll for everyone to vote on. Then, in the third week, I'll announce the winners, alongside my own personal pick for each category.

First off, here are my nominations for Indie/Downloadable game of 2012.

— Journey (PSN) — Trials Evolution (Xbox Live) — Mark of the Ninja (Steam/Xbox LIVE) — The Walking Dead (Steam)

Alright, your turn!


    Yup, my list is exactly the same as yours Mark.

    Same as yours, great games

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    Towns: I've sunk more time into this game than any other.
    FTL, Don't Starve, Mechwarrior Online.. all good.

    - The Walking Dead (PC)
    - Mark of the Ninja (XBLA)
    - Journey (PSN)
    - Banner Saga (PC)

    (OK, so the last one might not count, but the beta is pretty fucking awesome)

    Unfinished Swan
    Tokyo Jungle

    I'd argue that most games are "downloadable" games these days.

    But Walking Dead, Torchlight 2.

    - Katawa Shoujo (PC)
    - Journey (PSN)

      +1 Katawa Shoujo (PC)
      - Waves (PC)


    It's a contender for Game of the Year in my eyes and no other downloadable/indie game can make that claim.

      I'd argue Walking Dead could, but in fairness I haven't played Journey. It's one of those games I enjoy reading about/discussing more than I think I'd enjoy playing it.

    Journey, Mark of the Ninja, Walking Dead, 30 Flights of Loving.

    WOW. You are putting Trials Evolution and The Walking Dead together. That is seriously tough for me. Hardcore Trials addict and it is a fantastic game. heaps of tracks, MASSIVE level editor, 100,000 tracks available for free download in track central, great environments and visuals and overall amazing value at $20. Ive put about 100 hours into this and can't speak highly enough of this game. I've spent way more time on this than any other game this year.... BUT

    The walking dead is absolutely amazing. I've played for about 11 hours and finished Ep5. But this game has such a great story, truly surprising twists, and decision that make you really consider your own morals.

    I'm going to vote for them both simply because they have captivated my imagination this year.

      I would argue that Trials Evolution's Track Central puts the game into GOTY territory - those of you who only play PSN or Steam, when this hits you next year, your minds will be blown, there so much inventiveness and so many creative people pushing the boundaries of that game beyond what the creators probably expected!

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    FTL should join the list.

    But The Walking Dead is my overall GOTY and possible game of the past 10 years.

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (Steam)
    The Walking Dead (Steam)
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Steam)

    Torchlight 2 (Spent so much time in this so far. Downloadable gaming done to AAA standards)
    Unfinished Swan (can only describe it as a unique experience)
    Krater (great mash-up of ARPG & RTS)
    Chivalry : Medieval Warfare (only got it recently, but I can see myself spending heaps of time on it)
    Journey (that soundtrack.... just wow)

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    The walking dead gets my vote
    damn, what a good game

    The Walking Dead is my pick without a doubt, but FTL: Faster Than Light is also worthy of a mention.

    Well, Journey, obviously.
    And Okami HD. I Seriously hope people are buying this one - it deserves more recognition. It's wonderful.

      I wanted to say Okami HD, but I couldnt get the idea out of my head that, even though its an HD remake, the original came out 10 years ago...

      still, its an amazing game & the HD-ness really adds to it.

        The fact that it came out ten years ago and is as fresh as it ever was speaks volumes about it's quality. This really is the version to play - it's far and away the best "HD port" I've played.
        It's in contention for my personal GotY, no question.

    FEZ (Xbox LIVE) for me. No other game was able to bring a sense of legitimate discovery and accomplish it with such deviousness. Aside from one or two puzzles, every puzzle was solvable within the confines of the game world and its established world, embedded deep within the visual layers of the game itself. When you finally have that moment of figuring out what is going on, you get that problem solving feeling that hardly any other game is capable of giving you. Seeing that game go from being one type of game to being a completely different type of game before my very eyes was a one-of-a-kind thing for me so this game gets my vote for nominations for sure.

    Far Cry 3 - What other game is there where you can king hit a Bull Shark?
    Dishonored - Summoning rats never gets old for me.
    Hitman Absoloution - Seems to be getting a love/hate reception at the moment, I personally think it's awesome.
    Max Payne 3 - Some of the best graphics, storyline, voice acting and physics of any game this year.

      I don't think any of these qualify as indie games.

    Journey (PSN)
    The Unfinished Swan (PSN)
    Retro City Rampage (Steam)
    Sine Mora (PSN, XBL)

    Journey is definitely GOTY material. I have yet to play the others mentioned.
    I would also add Anna's Quest. And not even because Sughly made it. I really did have a great time with the game and would have loved it to pieces even if I didn't know its creator.

    Edited to remove Torchlight II. Not sure I've played it enough yet to nominate it.

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      Couldn't agree more with Anna's Quest.

      I've played more adventures in the past few months after Anna's Quest than the entire year before. Takes a damn good game to get you back into a genre!

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      I forgot to nom Anna's Quest - I'm glad someone did.

      It's the only PC game I played this year, so it's quite literally in a class by itself.

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