Kotaku Awards 2012: Nominate Your Overall Game Of The Year

Alright, it's the big one: the overall game of the year. Anything goes. Just nominate the games you loved most. We'll collate them into a big mega poll and then we can vote. Let's do this!

A couple of my own nominations first...

— Journey — Trials Evolution — Halo 4 — Dishonored — Fez — The Walking Dead

I think it's been a good year overall, maybe not for more traditional 'AAA' titles, but certainly for new, diverse experiences.

Really keen to hear your nominations. Drop them in the comments below!



    And Lego Batman.
    And Journey.
    And Trials.

    Borderlands 2
    Mark of the Ninja
    Dark Souls =P

    Honestly? Kid Icarus Uprising. I admit this wasn't a big year of gaming for me, but Uprising was polished, full of content, and extremely enjoyable. And the multiplayer keeps bringing me back for more.

      If you can get past the ridiculous stand that is pretty much mandatory if you wish to play without your hand going numb.

        See I have zero problems playing the game without the stand. Maybe I have weird hands, maybe I hold it differently to everyone... I dunno.

        Nah, the stand is useless.

        All you just gotta do is get the old thumbstrap out from the DS Phat, then everything is just peaches and cream. Playing with the stylus is silly.


    Max Payne 3
    Borderlands 2
    Fallout (1997 GOTY for me)
    Fallout 2(1998 GOTY for me)


    Why do you make it so hard @serrels

    - Halo 4
    - Borderlands 2
    - Final Fantasy XIII-2
    - Dishonored
    - Pokemon B2/W2
    - Darksiders 2
    - Far Cry 3 (Havn't played much but I'm sure it'll be awesome.)
    - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    - Max Payne 3
    - SSX
    - Dragons Dogma
    - Mass Effect 3
    - NSMB2
    - NSMBU
    - Nintendo Land
    - The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
    - Transformers: FOC
    - Lollipop Chainsaw
    - Mario Tennis Open
    - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
    - Sleeping Dogs

    Some others I liked, I found it suitable to end here.

      - all the games released in 2012

      distantdrop 2012

        Unless the games don't mechanically irritate me I can love any game.

        Don't judge me :(

    Mass Effect 3
    Spec Ops : The Line

    For me, it was always gonna come down to those two.

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      I think Mass Effect 3 deserves something... but there's no way that game should get Game of the Year.

        I think ME3 was a victim of it's fans expectations.

        It was never going to achieve the perfection that any fan of the series wanted, but in the end it delivered a well-paced 3rd person shooter with solid mechanics, excellent writing & characters & had more than one moment that had me at least emotionially affected.

        Even the multiplayer, which at first I thought was a dumb idea, was worth dropping a few dozen hours into with my mates. & the steady flow of free DLC for the multiplayer is worth mentioning.

        Havent touched the story DLC yet, gonna wait til I do another playthrough....

        All up, every game has its flaws, & I think ME3 is certainly a contender for GOTY.

          I don't have an issue with the gameplay... but that story takes an enormous right turn and nose dive about an hour out from the end. Each characters sideline is nicely handled (with the caveat that they used a stock image for Talis face).
          Tying the multiplayer into the singleplayer as a readiness requirement is deplorable.
          The eavesdropping fetch-quests are really poor, as is the fact that the quest log doesn't update (compared to the logs in the first 2 games).

    - Borderlands 2 (PS3)
    - Uncharted: Golden Abyss (VITA)
    - Max Payne 3 (PC)
    - Black Ops 2 (PS3)
    - Wipeout: 2048 (VITA)

    Spec Ops: The Line
    Dark Souls

    There's a number of others that spring to mind, but these two stand out much more than the rest.

    Borderlands 2
    Diablo 3
    Dungeon defenders
    Orcs Must Die

    Assassin's Creed III
    Sleeping Dogs
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Assassins Creed 3
    Hotline Miami
    PayDay: The Hiest (if it came out this year, can't remember)

    * The Walking Dead
    * Mass Effect 3
    * Dragons Dogma
    * Borderlands 2
    * XCOM

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    Prototype 2 could get a little bit of love.

    Dragons Dogma seems a lot of fun - only played a couple of hours, never played a similar genre game

    I haven't played many new games this year, didn't really like Max Payne 3. Might crack open Far Cry 3 tonight, not sure.

    Bordelands 2 is the only game thats really grabbed me this year, maybe because I haven't played Far Cry 3 or Hitman yet??

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    Forza Horizon is hands down my GotY.

    Maybe XCom as a runner up?

    Borderlands 2!!!!!!!

    I haven't sorted them... but,

    Halo 4
    X Com
    Sleeping Dogs
    Knights of The Old Republic 2 (it was put on Steam this year, and the restored content mod came out this year)

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