Lazy People Can Play Real Arcade And Win Real Prizes In Real Time

Claw games, crane games, U.F.O. Catchers — whatever you want to call them — are iconic arcade machines. Unlike many other arcade games, claw games don't get ported. They do now.

Netch or "Net Catcher" is an online claw game that isn't only real time, it's real. On the site, there are a couple different crane games offering different prizes. Select the prize you want, and the main screen shows that machine in real time. You can even toggle the camera angles (see below).

The on-screen counter says that no one is currently waiting to play these games.

4Gamer reports that Netch is available for online play 24 hours a day, with one play costing the equivalent of ¥100 ($1.15). Prizes that players win are sent to them free of charge; however, it is necessary for players to register their name and address so Netch can get the goodies out to them.

Right now, Netch is PC only. But there are plans to bring it to Android early next year. There are also plans to increase the number of crane games, which are housed in a huge warehouse in Tokyo's Odaiba, from fourteen machines to five hundred.

Netch [Official Site via 4Gamer]


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