Let's Take A Look At The Wii U's GamePad...

Late last week we managed to get access to an early Wii U unit, the first thing I did? Play Mario in HD on Allure Media HQ's fancy new TV. The second thing? Well, I was super keen to mess around with the new Wii U GamePad.

Long story cut short? I'm a fan. I love the weight of it, I love the feel. I quite like the idea of it, particularly when it comes to multiplayer and Nintendoland. The appeal of what Nintendo calls 'asymmetrical gaming' is pretty difficult to quantify or describe, but I love the 'I know something you don't know' concept of messing with perception. Luigi's Mansion portrays it best, when playing as a ghost hunting down other players. Using the GamePad, and a different screen from the other players, is so empowering and interesting.

I have some minor worries — will new players be disappointed in the context of what tablets can do? Will this affect expectations? The Wii U GamePad is primarily a controller but hopefully we'll see different types of functionality come to the fore in the near future.

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    Oh boy.


      What is it with that hashtag? I need to know!

        Because who'd wanna ride the hype train when there's a pedal powered swan boat floating in the pond?


    looking forward to picking mine up... i haven't got high hopes after the wii... so this will be interesting :D

    More Australian video content would be appreciated, man! Thanks for that!

    @MarkSerrels - More videos please. That was awesome.

    Plus one for the video content. Always great stuff from you guys.

    As far as the context of what tablets can do - hell im not impressed with tablet gaming. Very few games I have actually enjoyed playing on the iPad 3, so much over rated fluff. So adding buttons and allowing me to use both I think is the best of both worlds approach.

    Thats exactly what i wanted from the Wii U. I dont want a console thats trying to out do the PC. I want something that the PC cant do, and this is it (for me anyway). I think sony and microsoft should stick to traditional consoles, and leave Nintendo to do something different. After all there is still a strong market for traditional consoles.

    Awesome Guys. Cannot wait to hear back about the job application i applied for.

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