Let's Try And Fight Those Fanboy Urges, OK?

It's been a peaceful few years, hasn't it? As the current generation of consoles got cheaper, more and more people were able to buy more than one of them. They could play, and enjoy, games across different systems. And as a result, stopping being so emotionally invested in the one system they did own, to the detriment of others.

In other words: people stopped being fanboys. And it was wonderful.

Now, though, the pot is being stirred. There's a new console out, the first in six years, and whether they're coming in from the woods or losing the fight against old habits, fanboys are out in force with it.

Over the next 12 months, we can probably expect the Wii U to be joined by at least one, if not two competing consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

So now is the time to dig our heels in and put up our guard. If you're reading this, chances are you're someone who at least likes to observe, if not actively participate in online discussions about video games. You'll also know, then, that fanboy crap is able to swiftly and decisively derail almost any discussion. It doesn't matter if they're defending their console/company of choice or attacking a "competitor", the result is the same: madness.

My mother always told me never to argue down. That's what it's like dealing with a "fanboy". It's like discussing the finer points of racial tolerance with the Ku Klux Klan. They're zealots, fanatics, and what's worse they're not even being blinded by something remotely important like race, or politics, or religion. They're attacking other human beings over...entertainment companies.

If you see one - and over the past week, they've been hard to miss - leave them well alone! Don't reply to them. Don't think you can reason with them. They're like a hornet's nest. Walk on by.

If you find yourself fighting fanboy urges, take a step back and think about what you're saying. Ever platform, genre and game has its ups and downs. People will criticise them, people will laud them, sometimes even in the same article.

That's life! Instead of feeling as though you need to somehow defend the actions of studios or corporations, you could try considering something that gets me through these tough times. To quote the words of a Mr. Tom Araya, "I hate everyone equally". These platform holders and publishers don't love you. They don't cherish your fervour. Their methods might differ, but the end result is the same: make as much money out of you as is humanly possible.

So instead of saddling up to them as though they're a football team or political party, take them for what they are, not what your nostalgia or personal investment in a purchasing decision might fool you into thinking they are.

These are businesses. So give them your business. Not your passion.

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    I never really understood the point of the fanboy thing.
    I just got a PS3 over a 360 because the platform exclusive games were preferred.

    Realistically, that's all it should come down to.
    But, children will be children, I suppose.

      I got all 3 platforms because I just love games in general :) I never see the point in fanboying against a console. It reminds me of the SNES vs MEGADRIVE days where you'd have clear sides in the schoolyard against each other, yet both sides would secretly be jealous of the other for the awesome games they both had...

      SONIC 1 2 and 3 were amazing as was MK1 (Blood!!!)

      Super Mario world!!! Streetfighter 2 with a 6 button control pad! (Sure the MD got one later but still...)

      *sigh* that taught us to just love games on all platforms...

        But...but... Genesis does what Ninten-Don't!

        Nah, just kidding, I still have both. But I have more SNES' than MD/Genesis'.

        Those of us with an Amiga were secure in our own superiority so we never felt the need to demean ourselves by joining the common people in that particular argument.

          Hahaha you guys were the earliest version of 'THE MASTER RACE' lol

          We were ALL secretly jealous of Amiga owners ;)

            Well... you THOUGHT you were "secretly" jealous. But we could tell. Oh yes... we knew the truth you thought you had hidden in the deepest recesses of your souls.

              Yeah well... WE HAD MORE THAN ONE BUTTON!!!!!!! lol

                *yawn* full keyboard.

                  *yawn* Super Mario World :P

                  My dad can beat up your dad :P

                  But you had:

                  It Came from the Desert
                  Antheads : It Came from the Desert 2
                  Zombi (Of which ZombiU is a remake believe it or not!)
                  Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2 (lets not speak of 3....ever...)


                  I WANTED AN AMIIIIIIGAAAAAA....

      Just a few months ago, someone I knew said 'the xbox has better graphics than the ps3.' This guy was like 21. I expected a more mature and rational statement from him. I have no doubt that perhaps the xbox has better hardware, but saying better graphics is just pure ignorance.

        It's all subjective really. Better hardware does not mean a developer will make the best use of it? Epic makes brilliant use of the 360, but the guys behind inFamous make unbelievable use of the PS3? Naughtydog push the ps3 like no other and Im still yet to see a game that looks as photorealistic on the 360 like Little Big Planet 2 does? Yet, I'm still waiting to see a game as simply fun and metroidvania-esque as Shadow Complex on the PS3? It's all down to the individual developer and what they do with it.

    I buy almost all the consoles because I enjoy playing games.

    If you are buying consoles for anything other than the games on the system, especially if it's out of some misguided brand loyalty, then you are doing it wrong.

    Last edited 28/11/12 3:42 pm

      Agreed. I bought a PS3 and a Wii because I'm a fan of good RPGs and never had a compelling enough reason besides maybe one or two games to tempt me into buying a 360. If all the PS3 and Wii games were on the 360 I'd have two. I don't care who makes the console I just care whether it has enough for me to justify buying it.

    "These are businesses. So give them your business. Not your passion"

    Unacceptable!! Gaming is my passion, and I feel passionate about my console/ handheld harem :P

    I completely agree with this article, but feel the need to point out that it equally applies to the anti-fanboys, hating on any enthusiasm for a console they don't like.

      I'm probably guilty of this. If I'm being perfectly honest, I want Nintendo to fail because I still feel dirty about the $400 for the wii I bought day one. I just can't bring myself to buy another Nintendo console and risk being disappointment again, BUT I do want their first party games... If they fail, they may go multi-platform...

        Nah not that I've seen. I know you're a bit anti-WiiU but at least your points are pretty fair.

    I'm not buying a Wii U or PS4. I generally abhor handheld consoles and haven't owned one since my DS Phat.

    But if other people want to buy and use these devices, I should really be having too much fun with my Xbox 3.0 to care, right?

    hey man, I just bought a PC after xbox'n for 6 years. I'm seeing a whole different level on this shit.

    Xbox all the way everyone else is wrong Xbox wins...

    Oh wait you where saying not to do this?

    This goes double for Apple vs Android. That shit has gotten TIRED.

    I hate all consoles equally. Their inferior (read: piss poor) hardware drags down the quality of PC games, and I blame bad ports and console exclusivity for wrecking or making me miss out on so many potentially amazing experiences (Red Dead Redemption is one example - I am tempted to buy an xbocks just for the sake that game, but it makes my eyes bleed not being about to play it at full 1080p with anti-aliasing when I've invested so much money in my PC).

    Oh, and anyone who claims that PCs affect gaming because of piracy doesn't realize that consoles are generally much easier to pirate on. No DRM to work around once the system is modded.

    I would love to hear any arguments to my case.

    Last edited 28/11/12 4:23 pm

      Oh come on, piracy is dead simple on a PC, if you get the skidrow release :P

        Often PC games aren't cracked properly first release, plus releases come out days, weeks or months later (or never, yeah looking at you Rockstar) than console.
        I used to pirate everything, but got so fed up with the frustration of releases not working that I just fork out for them on Steam now. Easy, simple & auto-updates.

          You're just getting the wrong releases, only mob to trust is Skidrow, their stuff works day 1 always, and all it is is copy pasting the modified .exe into the directory and running that instead.

          Rockstar games are a bitch because of Social Club. But saying that, I don't care for pirating games any more with Steam, it's just easier yet again and it's always there.

      I generally agree with you but I always thought that if you have a pirated game on your 360 or PS3, it would be detected if you had Xbox Live or PSN and your console could be bricked?

        I know people that have 2 xbox's. One modded so they can play away to their hearts content and one so they can go online. Also know people that go online with their modded and have had no issues ever. I have an xbox though never bothered modding it due to not using it much.

          I think those people are likely an even smaller minority than the people pirating on PC.

      This comment was painful to read. You wont enjoy a game because its not 1080p? What are you, 12? You are the type of person this article is talking about.

        Exactly what I was thinking.

        You're willing to forgo great games such as Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Halo, Journey, etc just because they're not high resolution enough for your liking?

        Seriously - resolution is a long, long way from being be be all and end all of video games. Yeah it'd be nice to have everything running at 120fps in some super duper multi-billion pixel resolution, but honestly - they're fine as they are. There are millions of people all over the world having huge amounts of fun playing those games simply because the games are fun. It really doesn't matter what resolution they're in.

          This. Also you don't sit close to your TV so you're not gonna notice if it's 720 or 1080P. Journey was brilliant, I find it sad I don't have a PS3 for some the exclusives.

            Yeah I dunno. I mean if retina screens have told us anything, its that resolution is one thing people will really notice.

              Ha, yeah.. I was looking at the iPad 4 & iPad Mini in the store both had sharp and crisp screens, you wouldn't really know that the iPad 4 has a resolution much much bigger than the Mini...

              Notice the difference? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean people who have seen a retina display are unable to enjoy looking at anything less from that day onwards.

                Honestly - for me at least that pretty much was the case. Granted, I get terrible eye-strain, so even a little additional clarity makes a big difference for me.

            Firstly, I have a projector screen, so the resolution does make a huge difference for me, even 10 feet away.

            Second, the fact you find it sad you don't have [console] for [exclusive game] is exactly my point.
            Why should you have to have a particular system to enjoy a game? If developers want to maximize their sales, they should make a game as widely available as possible.

            That said, they should do proper ports to every system too.
            Think they can't because of money? That's publisher speak for "we're greedy corporate apes who want more money and don't really care about our games".
            Eidos managed to do it quite fine for Deus Ex: HR, so why can't others? It really should just be a matter of pride.

        No, I did not say I won't enjoy a game because it's not 1080p. Don't put words in my mouth. I said it makes my eyes bleed, or to rephrase, I find it unpleasant.
        Your comment on the other hand squarely puts you in the fanboy corner. You took my subjective opinion and used it as an opportunity to make a personal attack at me.

          You started your comment with "I hate all consoles equally" and then called me a fanboy? Its rather entertaining how defensive you get at some of these replies. are you mad that you spent so much on your pc? Get off your high horse and stop whinging.

      You sir, are the prime example of "the PC master race". Always needing those extreme level graphics to justify the thousands of dollars you've sunk into a PC that'll need an upgrade sometime in the next 6 months

        My rig is only a mid-range setup, I haven't upgraded for 18 months. And at least that is a possibility, I'm not stuck with the same hardware for 7 years.
        Don't fool yourself.

    if you don't want to join in then don't. but other people can do/say what ever they want man. this is a gaming site, not self help guru Take5 bullshit.

    I'm a fan of good technology. Doesn't matter who makes it, I know what I like. I preferred the Xbox over the PS3 initially for financial reasons, and now the only reason I game on Xbox more often is the controller layout. Still got a PS3 for exclusives, tho. Problem is, the Xbox, the Wii and the PS3 are no longer "good technology", so I'm starting to drift toward my new PC more often - still tossing up between getting FC3 on PC or Xbox tomorrow... And looking at the price of 7950s, I may be drifting to PC before the next console generation starts.

    I think console fanboys have lost favour for the fanboys of specific designers.

    "Lets try and fight those fanboy urges"

    Is that what you were thinking when you wrote that CoD article calling anyone that doesn't like it idiots. Go away Luke, go away.

    In other words: people stopped being fanboys. And it was wonderful.

    I haven't really seen any stop to fanboyism. People always find new things to use as ammunition, such as the PSN hack and the Vita's lacking performance. The battlefield's just shifted. It's no longer about the consoles themselves, but about the online components and the companies. Mobile gaming is probably stealing a lot of hate particles too.

    Yeah but if the 360 wasn't a piece of junk that held back the PS3 for so long there wouldn't of been any argument. Nuf said? Mmkaaay?

    Comparing fanboys to KKK members... epic. :D

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