Looks Like We'll Be Getting More Dishonored Games, For Better Or For Worse

It warms my disease-ridden, whale-oil tainted heart to hear that the wonderful Dishonored was a financial success for its publisher Bethesda. In this age of sequels and iron-sights, games this original, smart and flat-out good don't come around that often.

As quoted by Destructoid, Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines said of the game's success, "We're very pleased and appreciate all the fans that have supported Dishonored and Arkane. We clearly have a new franchise."

Of course, it's always a bit strange to see a gameworld that could've existed as a one-off be spun out into a series of games. As I played Dishonored, I grew genuinely interested in the islands beyond Dunwall, and the world that Arkane had created. But on the flip side, I also enjoyed the weirdly romantic notion of a world that we get to see once, and never again. A small taste that leaves the rest to our imaginations.

My ambivalence echoes Dishonored designer Harvey Smith, who told Jason earlier this fall, "Part of me would love to see future games leverage this world, and part of me would love it if the vault door was just closed and that's it. This is your one view into the Empire of the Isles and into the city of Dunwall."

But who am I kidding? If a game is amazing and makes a lot of money, it'll get a sequel. As good as Dishonored was, there are certainly things that can be improved in a second game. I can only replay the first one so many times. And judging by how these things tend to go, the series will make it at least until the third or fourth game before they turn the whole thing into a cover-based shooter.

(Just kidding. I hope.)

Bethesda: Dishonored sales 'exceeding expectations' [Destructoid]


    Interesting title to the article considering you loved Dishonored

    I officially retitle it as For Better,Not worse

    I have that power

    Good. As great as Dishonored was, it still had a few flaws, and a sequel, if done right, would be absolutely flawless, kinda like how Borderlands 2 was compared to the first.

    I wonder if when Thief came out and was announced to have a sequel people had the same apprehension that people are having to the prospect of a Dishonored sequel.

    Honestly, if it still has Harvey Smith and Viktor Antonov at the helm then it can only be better.

    I suppose thats a good thing. Regardless of how the second title works out, we still get the fantastic original title to play.

    Well I loved the game, and I'm happy with a sequel, they could always go the Bioshock: Infinite path and keep the name, but create a new world that is similar yet different :)

    This is great... as long as they don't use Corvo. His story is done, and using him again will have to make them enforce one of the endings. They've built in the perfect way (the Outsider) to have games in this universe with different stories and characters.

    Just throwing this out there: Dishonored is a really average game, surrounded by really poor games. Like day old croissant in a basket of mouldy bread.

    It chills me to hear "We clearly have a new franchise". How about you take your abilities to write stories and design games and....write a new story and design a new game? I know I know its all about the money but let me dream dammit!

      I'm curious to know what is "really average" about Dishonored. Or what is "good".

      It's certainly got its flaws, but it is a fairly interesting setting, and the fact that there's another game that actually implements decent stealth mechanics is a breath of fresh air in the gaming market as far as I'm concerned.

        So you're this silent cool looking guy in a cool mask and outfit that has supernatural powers and also swords and guns that kills guards and zombies, and you collect scraps of paper and audio tapes with bizarrely relevant content on them. Oh there's a 'moral choice' mechanic that has such little subtly that even the loading screen reminds you about the details of each predetermined outcome.. In my opinion the art style is absolutely fantastic, everything else pretty damn average.

        That's the nail on the head! We are so accustomed to AA+ games being so average in their design and creativity that Dishonored is considered a breath of fresh air. AA+ games the calibre of Dishonored should be the average not the exception :)

          I'm inclined to agree. The story wasn't anything special. The moral choices were so forced and so very black and white that there was no choice at all. As a consequence of those moral choices, if you wanted the good ending you were forced to forgo so many abilities and weapons that make the combat interesting. And the stealth just had no real challenge when you can see enemies through walls, stop time and teleport all over the place. Without any challenge it ceases to be a game and instead feels more like work.

          That said, I think the combat was actually done quite well, it's just a shame the games design specifically forces you away from experiencing it unless you're the type to be happy with a bad ending.

          Give me a similar setting, the same powers and a better story without any horrendously restrictive moral choices and I think it's a game I could really love. Here's hoping for the sequel.

            I agree that the story was average. That ending - either good or bad - was terrible. Just terrible. After everything, you'd think it'd be more, I don't know, impactful? But what you're left with is just... yep... terrible. I seriously thought there'd be another mission after the credits.

          I agree that the story is fairly predictable and that Corvo is a bland protagonist. I don't agree that the moral choice is entirely black and white, I could definitely justify a murderous route. I agree that it's not an *amazing* game, but it's still a good game.

          The thing is, I enjoy the gameplay. Out of titles I've played (which covers a fair amount), Alpha Protocol and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are the only two other games that have done stealth in any meaningful fashion since Thief: Deadly Shadows. That's a very small representation for a genre. I will loudly and proudly support any games that implement good stealth mechanics because there are so few of them, and it's a style of game I really enjoy. Yes, a better protagonist and story would make the game better and fixing some of the writing and pacing problems, but the gameplay is still good.

          Yes, I can make it easy by spamming blink and Sauron vision, but I choose not to. I can play it and get something that's different from the dross of Halo 4, Call of Duty, or (insert generic shooter). I support diversity in gaming, which is why I'll happily recommend and welcome it.

    I thought that Arcane was sick of sequels? I hope the sequels are good, and fix the flaws of the first game, but keep the amazing stealth.

    I have no problems with a sequel utilising the game mechanics of Dishonored, just don't continue on with the story. I really enjoyed the game, but the actual story was virtually non-existant at times (I should clarify that I played the game completely stealth wise, no kills, never being seen). I also hated the ending. We go through all that to get a short two minute cut scene?

    Same goes with the stupid DLC they're releasing soon. Don't they realise that people who play games like Dishonored or Batman: Arkham City aren't interested in time trials and defeating rooms of people? Give us more story!

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