Making This Iron Man Helmet Required A Shirtless Man Covered In Plaster

Yes, the internet is awash with do-it-yourself Iron Man helmets. That's OK, because DIY. Iron Man helmets are rad.

This Mark III Iron Man Helmet was painstakingly moulded, sculpted, sanded, and then painted in a highly laborious and time-consuming process. It took around a year to complete! The finished helmet, which is motorised and has glowing eyes, looks like the real deal. But how the hell does he see?

Homemade ironman MK3 Helmet [Zhi [email protected] via MIC]


    He sees through the little slits under the lights...
    And is that Bane at 3:24?

    There's already a guy with a full functioning Mk VII I think it was. he's also done a warmachine

    For how he sees (And how he lights up the eyes without going snowblind), first link to the right of that video:

    just go to the replica prop forum if you want to see dozens of full suits, there are already people starting to create the suits from Iron Man 3 based off that first trailer.

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