Man Threatens Cops With Wii Remote, Gets Jail Time

An unnamed Dutch man has been sentenced to six months' prison for threatening police officers with a heavily-modified Wii controller back in May.

Dutch news outlet De Volksrant says the man, 29, had transformed the remote into a "sniper rifle"; whether it was a custom job or he was simply using an off-the-shelf accessory is unclear.

What matters is that he threatened cops with it, the cops thought it was a real gun, and he's now looking at a significant amount of time behind bars for being an idiot.

Cel voor bedreigen agenten met Wii-controller [De Volksrant, via NeoGAF]


    This just in: The man is planning to refer to his prison garments as 'Wario Wear'.

    If this had of happened in the U.S.A, the man would be a bullet ridden idiot.

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