Mass Effect 3 Wii U Shows Off Some Of The Console's Potential

Mass Effect 3 is coming to Wii U when the new console launches next week. We've got the upcoming port in our office. Here's a quick look.

If you've already played Mass Effect 3, don't worry about buying it again. The new features are interesting, but the game has not changed very much. (This edition comes with the From Ashes and Extended Cut downloadable content, as well as the three multiplayer packs. There's also a new interactive comic and a new heavy weapon (the Ladon-597).)

What's really interesting here is the potential that the Wii U can bring to role-playing games like Mass Effect 3 in the future. I've written before about the ways that the Wii U could make RPGs better. A role-playing game designed from the ground up for the Wii U's great controller could do some awesome things indeed.


    The potential for the controller in new games is great. Have to ask though, does ME3 actually look any better on the Wii-U than the other consoles?

    A good step but not the full utilisation I wanted. Surely they can unclutter the screen further by pushing more of the UI onto the gamepad?

      You can play ME3 on the WiiU in controller-only mode, which is why not everything got moved to the Gamepad. The Gamepad was used purely as an extension to quickly access things like powers, and the map of course.

    Can really tell its a port with tacked on Gamepad functionality, i'll get the Wii U version for ME4 if they make it from the ground up using the Gamepad. I'll just get this game for my PC.

    You can really see how much better a touch screen interface is for some gameplay elements though so while the functionality is tacked on, the potential is obvious for all the see.

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    It'll feel better on Xbox Smartglass than on the Wii U controller. The iPad feels much more futuristic by virtue of not having any buttons all over it, unlike the Wii U's touchpad.

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