Mass Effect Trilogy Trailer Combines Awesomeness Of All Three Games

The Mass Effect Trilogy — which bundles BioWare's acclaimed sometimes controversial sci-fi series all in one place — comes out next week. (PS3 owners will be able to download the first game in December.) In case you need a refresher for Commander Shepard's saga, watch the clip above.


    I've played all three. The first 2 multiple times so I can say... that is a LOT of gameplay hours there.

    They said 75 hours in the official marketing blurb, but that feels like a bit of an underestimate to me... the first game alone was more like 40, although that's with all the sidequests and stuff.

    I did a playthough of all three not long ago, trying to do all the side quests i could find. I think I clocked up close to 70 hours (Including all DLC). So if you haven't played any of them you're gonna have a looooooooot of hours of gameplay. Awesome :)

    Giving this one a miss.
    Still going to wait for GTY ME3 version to be included.

      You're going to be waiting a very long time then - they still haven't released a GOTY ME2.

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