Meet The Next Generation Of Nintendo... Action Figures

Announced back in June, Figma's Skyward Sword Link action figure is now shipping to customers worldwide. Like me, when I opened up a Japanese box this morning like a six year-old at Christmas.

The latest in a long and very popular series of figures, this isn't the first time we've seen a Figma piece dedicated to a Nintendo property, but it's bound to be the most popular.


1x Link figure 1x Shield 1x Master Sword 1x Base 1x Sword swipe "blur" effect" 1x Sword Scabbard 2x Faces 2x Hairstyles 10x Interchangeable hands


Posability - It's why you buy a Figma piece, and it's no different here. These are the most amazingly poseable toys on the planet, able to recreate almost any stance or action you can think of, no matter how heroic or pedestrian (or sexy).

Finish - You can't see it in photos, but you can see it in person. A matte finish that makes him look like a video game character come to life. It's makes the colours really rich. There's also a seamless transition between hard plastic parts and softer, more poseable pieces; his tunic, for example, is a soft rubber, meaning you can move his legs just about anywhere and it won't look stupid.

Customisation - In a neat touch, while the figure ships in a default right-handed mode, you can move the pegs and straps on things like the shield around to make him left-handed. Like he should be.


Hands - Just so this section wasn't empty, it was a little disappointing to see that some of the included hands, like those designed to hold the sword, were a little "loose", meaning they couldn't sustain some of the more dramatic poses for more than a few seconds.


It's simple. This is the best Nintendo action figure ever made. If you're a Zelda fan and are at all into toys, you need to get one of these, regardless of how much your favourite importer or comic store is charging.


    That looks amazing! Think I may track one down...

    There are 2 brands I trust for figures from Japan. Figma & Figuarts, they both show great design, quality and value for money

    He turned out good! I didn't preorder him because of the promo pics, he had weird as lips in them. I should really stop preordering figures, it's taking all my moneys D:

    "This is the best Nintendo action figure ever made"... Not quite, as the Figma Samus that was released a few months back is still better than this.

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