Michelle Obama Had No Idea What A Wii U Was

You'd think being the First Lady of the United States would mean you're on top of things, but not even the most powerful household on Earth is up to speed on everything.

Take Nintendo's new Wii U, for example. Because it's got kinda the same name as its predecessor, it's understandable some people are a little unclear on what's new or different about it. Michelle Obama is no different, as at a White House Christmas lunch for military families earlier today she started asking kids what they wanted for Christmas.

Among the iPods and mobile phones was a kid who wanted a Wii U. The First Lady had no idea what it was, or how it was different than the Wii (which the Obamas own), but boy, the kid sure did. Then gave Mrs. Obama the full rundown, doing a pretty great job of describing things given the pressure. Nintendo of America, hire this boy!

The video above was uploaded by Charlie Spiering, from the Washington Examiner.

At the White House, kid explains to Michelle Obama what a Wii U is [YouTube]


    Either does your mum probably.


      I can't speak for his mother, but my mother games.
      She's mostly a nintendo freak, so yeah, she knows all about it

    I know Kotaku's (especially Plunkett) bread and butter is... celebrity + games, regardless of relevance but this is a non-story.

    I had no idea what a Michelle Obama was.

    First Lady never heard of it = Doomed!

    Kudos to the kid for being a better PR bod than Reggie though :)

    Stranger things have happened. There's professional writers out there who don't know how to write...

    This belongs on the Australian version because.....

    Someone finish it :)

      Being informed on world goings on can be both important and interesting, the world is not composed of simply Australia.

      I've never understood this head in the sand mentality of "DIS IS STRAYA! WE DUN WUN NO FOREIGN STUFF!"

        What Michelle Obama does and doesn't know can hardly be called either important or interesting. rikku45 doesn't seem to be a bogan so just assume good intentions :)

    ^^ haha its because Australians are more like Americans than they care to admit. Yanks dont generally give a shit about anything unrelated to America, either. Plus in recent years Australians have become a tad too xenophobic for my liking.

    Pretty much anything but beer, AFL and pies are ignored lol.

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