Microsoft Sold 750,000 Xbox 360s Last Week

Turns out people like video games, and buying video games, and buying machines to play video games on. Microsoft sold a whopping 750,000 Xbox 360s between Sunday, November 18 and Friday, November 23 (Black Friday), according to spokesman Major Nelson. Not too shabby!

For comparison, Nintendo sold 400,000 Wii U consoles last week. They also sold 300,000 Wiis, according to CNET.

Sony has yet to share how the PS3 did last week.


    PS3s are still moderately expensive it most likely did worse than the mentioned consoles, also Americans are crazy.

    Congrats to Microsoft on the Black Friday sales.

      PS3 generally does worse than 360 in the US anyway, but beats it comfortably in Europe / Japan.

        In Australia Xbox is king

          Yeah but Australia counts for approximately 0 in the overall scheme of things. We're a footnote on the European numbers.

    Congrats to Microsoft on being generally awesome

    Is that for the US, or are they global sales? We still haven't had a weeks global sales for the Wii U, which is probably why Wii sales were so close to it.

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