New Karateka Trailer Makes Hilarious Reference To The Classic Apple II Version

New Karateka Trailer Makes Hilarious Reference To The Classic Apple II Version

Gamers of a certain age remember the dramatic opening to Jordan Mechner’s classic fighting adventure. But what happened before our hero stormed Akuma’s castle? How did he learn how to fight?

The video — which hypes up today’s release of a Karateka re-make — above answers some of those questions in really funny fashion. You can grab the game on Xbox Live today, and it will be on PlayStation Network, Steam and iOS later this month.


    • I see no Chinese stereotypes..
      Karateka is Japanese for Karate, the game is set in Japan and well it’s Karate which is not Chinese.
      Did you have anything to do with the Karate Kid remake, which was set in Hong Kong where the kid done Kung-fu.

      Look like a fool playing the race card dude…

      • You are the only fool who pulled an race card.
        An Chinese stereotype in an supposedly Japanese game. This stereotype has been perpretrated
        for decades, and popularised in the abissmal ‘Kung Fu’ series staring David Carradine – who in fact was choosen over Bruce Lee for the role. OK, how ’bout I edit my comment too ‘Asian stereotype’ to see if you understand what I’m saying…

        • And, actually, it goes back further to the ‘Fu Manchu’ stereotype, played by Christopher Lee (L.O.T.R.) in the sixties:

          But obviously my point goes over your head, who is only interested in petty, technicalities. To me there is no place for such an stereotype in the 21st century, or even in the 20th century.

          And no, I’ve never been into Karate Kid. I’ve always been an major fan of Hong Kong action films, most especially Golden Harvest Films – which portray Kung Fu (actually pronounced Gung Fu), and Budo (the correct, modern, term for Japanese Martial Arts, of which Karate is just on facet). in an realistic manner.

          Did you know *Jet Li was supposed to be cast in the role of Neo, in The Matrix.

          • You realise that karateka is an 80s game. That this is a joke ad that is playing with the tropes and caricatures from the original 80s game???? These characters are 80s ciphers repackaged to promote the new game. I think you need a time machine.

          • No. I am saying that this ad plays with and recognises the stereotypes already presented by the original game. It recognises the historicity of said product.

        • Great retort. Your powers of argument are as good as your deceitful editing ability I am still laughing at the irony of you typing Chinese!!! Who succumbed to Asian stereotypes and homegenisation? You did. No one else. Just you. LOL.

          • Oh and by the way. The demonisation AND caricaturisation f the OTHER goes back through LITERATURE to biblical times. If your going to talk shit and look shit up on wikipedia – just f off.

          • You are the guest here. You do not get what I am saying, and so there is nothing more I can really add. You have no rebuttal other than, it is OK to perpretrate an negative stereotype, because that is what we did in the 1980s’

            Maybe you should look at Wikipedia a bit more and get some basic knowledge on Popular Culture, Racial stereotyping in the 21st Century and how to argue an counter-point without lowering yourself to personal insults.

            Also, I’ll point out the sensationalist uproar about the racial stereotyping incident in Deus EX: Human Revolution and the irony of no-on making an peep about this particular adverstisement… which says to me, that racial stereotyping African Americans is an No no, though mocking Asian culture is perfectly fine.

            And to clear things up an bit… that IS an ‘chinese’ stereotype. In an game set in Japan. Made in America. Obviously the PR people still can’t tell the difference between and Asian from China, and an Asian from Japan.

          • Neither can you. Further in modern literature theory – meaning is not inherent. Meaning is constantly deferred. So there is no inherent racism within the signs you are viewing thus any racism is from your internal collection of signifiers and signified A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Please read de saussere and Jacques Derrida. Further I am not a guest here, there or anywhere. Thanks for being condescending. No one gets your point because it is trivial rhetoric. The only person who succumbed to racism was you!

          • Oh by the fucking way I don’t need wikipedia. I went to university to study lit theory. Maybe you should try it.

          • You are a juvenile fool – who should just think before opening your mouth. Consider yourself served.

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