New Steam Sale Starts Tomorrow, According To Developer

Get your wallets ready. There's a Steam sale starting tomorrow that runs until November 27, according to Tamás Bakó, CEO of the team behind Secret of the Magic Crystals.

The (northern) winter sale, Bakó says, will run from December 20 to January 4. Just in case you don't spend enough money on Christmas gifts and Steam games this week.

[Secret of the Magic Crystals blog via Reddit]



    Noooo... My steam account is already filled with games i dont play but have bought through these sales.

    Its a little early for their big sale isnt it?

      Well lets be honest there Halloween sale was pretty crap.

      It doesn't look like it is. The blog says there is another sale starting a month after this one. So I'm guessing next week will be something to tie into Black Friday, and then the big winter sale after that.

    Buy Secret of the Magic Crystals. One awesome game.

    I haven't even downloaded all my purchases from the summer sale...
    Oh well the sales are the reason why I held off buying AC3, Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored.

    Let the spending begin!

    Oh sweet baby Jebus no! I really don't need further temptation...

    Awesome. I really hope farming simulator 2012 is on sale.

    Setting myself a $50 budget but I know I'll probably go over that by a bit.

    That would explain the lack of a Mid Week Madness sale.

    Looks like Green Man Gaming are trying to beat Steam at their own game again. Yesterday they had Spec Ops: The Line for $7.50, today its Sleeping Dogs for about $16.

      plus the extra 20% off digital downloads.
      picked up Spec Ops for $6 last night & gifted it to a mate. great game & worth far more than $6.

    Steam sales make me both happy and frustrated. I am sure the Germans have a word for that.

      Ichbanfarkensberg!!!!! Geez......

    The only company who can have sales where their customers both love and hate it.

    I'm not even half way through my summer sale list :( Too many games.. not enough hours in the day.

    It just HAD to start the day of a big payday... Coincidence??? I don't care, gonna but me a heap of games! ^_^

    Nope.. won't be bothering with this. There will always be another Steam sale.. and I've actually started to buy direct from publishers and developers now.

    My amount of surprise at this is only the tiniest fraction bigger than my cash pile will be at the end of it. Seriously though, I've been expecting the sale for a long time now (There's always one at this time of year!) and have been favouriting all the stuff I'm going to buy. It's just gonna be a mad click-fest when tomorrow comes.

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