Newest DirectX Upgrade Only For Windows 8 Systems

Newest DirectX Upgrade Only For Windows 8 Systems

And so the inevitable march of Windows moves onward: DirectX, the software that Windows computers rely on to make games run, is getting an upgrade — but only for Windows 8.

A Microsoft employee confirmed in a (tech-heavy) post to developers that “there is no plan for DirectX 11.1 to be made available on Windows 7”. Windows 8 systems, meanwhile, are getting the 11.1 version of DirectX. The only significant difference to end-users between version 11.0 and 11.1 at this time is that the newer version includes native stereoscopic 3D support. Very few users of Windows 7 gaming PCs and DirectX 11 will miss the addition.

However, the fact that Windows 7 will not be receiving the 11.1 update signals a push from Microsoft to get more users upgrading. When DirectX 11 came into being for Windows 7, it was also reworked to run on PCs running Windows Vista, which had originally included DirectX version 10.

Developers of big-budget, high-profile games generally work with the newest, latest version of DirectX available. While Windows XP remained a reliable and accessible OS well into the Windows Vista and Windows 7 era, if Windows 8 continues to receive DirectX upgrades that Windows 7 does not, the resulting fragmentation could force both developers and players to upgrade before they otherwise might.

C++ AMP: CPU fallback, WARP, Windows7, DirectX 11.1 [Microsoft developer forum, via The Verge]


      • I understand the whole thing with Windows XP when DX10 was released, XP was almost 7 years old at the time. But makes no sense to exclude Windows 7 which is only just over 2 years old.

    • If they dont, they will be shooting themselves in the foot again since most gamers or anyone with half a clue about PC’s despises Windows 8.

      • I’d like to think that I have more than “half a clue” about PC’s, I’m running Windows 8 at the moment and I think it is fantastic.
        True, many of my friends hate Windows 8, but they have not even tried it.
        Games run exactly the same on Win 8 as they did on Win 7, some shortcuts were changed, but there are always easy workarounds.

      • Now, now. Windows 8 is perfectly fine for gaming, stop believing everything you read from the likes of Blizzard of Valve, they have vested interests remember. Whilst I don’t despise Windows 8, I don’t feel compelled to upgrade, unlike I did from Vista to 7. There’s just no need for me.

        • I installed windows 8, and out of the first 6 games I installed from steam, 3 were incompatible with windows 8. I wouldn’t call that “fine for gaming”.

          • Which 3 were they? I don’t like “anecdotal evidence”.
            I’ve got Magicka, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Space Marine, Just Cause 2, L4D2, Monkey Island 1&2 SEs, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, CS:GO, Crysis 2, Far Cry 2, Nexuiz (the new one), Section 8: Prejudice, TF2, Audiosurf, Burnout Paradise, Driver San Francisco, Age of Empires Online, SWTOR, Dota 2, Frozen Synapse, FTL, Total War: Shogun 2, Transformers WFC and Minecraft all installed and working fine. Read: All the games I’ve tried on it.
            Of course it’s not going to be the same for everyone. It’s Windows. There have always been issues with hardware/drivers and stuff.

      • Yeah, because those that have half a clue about PC’s just eat what’s fed to them. (Not trying to be harsh, just stating the facts) Basically, if you’re considering upgrading to Windows 8, just forget everything you’ve heard about it because the vast majority of it is wrong. It’s just the cool thing to hate Windows 8. (Mind you, some of the hate (the bad for keyboard/mouse stuff) had a little bit of truth to it, but that was because it was mostly based on the Developer Preview, a beta from one year ago)

  • ” if Windows 8 continues to receive DirectX upgrades that Windows 7 does not, the resulting fragmentation could force both developers and players to upgrade before they otherwise might.”


    Developers go where the gamers are – this is why there is more Mac and Linux support then ever – this is why developers drink lead so they can acquire enough mental damage to dumb down their games for the console users.

    Windows 8 will be a skippable OS just like Vista was – if a gamer upgrades to windows 8 just to play a game then really they should have their pc taken away from them along with any sharp edges in their house and given a console so they can be less harm to society.

    • “Windows 8 will be a skippable OS just like Vista was – if a gamer upgrades to windows 8 just to play a game then really they should have their pc taken away from them along with any sharp edges in their house and given a console so they can be less harm to society.”

      Bit excessive, don’t you think? It’s their money and their loss. They can do what they want.

      • Glad to see you can counter my points with a well thought out argument – Fractripro but then again I am guessing you probably took most of the morning to write that retort since screaming into a headset on XBL with a drool towel wrapped around your shirt is more your style of communication.

        • I have several Pc’s and a large collection of consoles including all 3 current. Why should I argue with someone like you! Your ignorance is displayed by both your hostility to console users and the fact that you have completely ignored the fact that Microsoft are attempting to create and enforce a somewhat closed operating system. Further- PC gamers like cutting edge thus gamers will go to win 8 if that is the only way to get updated directX. Thus your developers will follow them to win8. Further there was only 15 minutes between our posts – perhaps your view is blocked? I would suggest a minuscule sweat band to keep it out of your vision.

          • Console users deserve hostility and contempt – sorry if that offends you but they do.
            Microsoft trying to make Windows 8 into their PC version of an app store or a way to block/lock systems at their whim isn’t something you’re going to see gamers embrace.

            But hey I only have countless documented cases where gamers have shunned systems either initially or eventually when they start to become hostile towards their consumer base. Origin the next big “steam” killer has users sure but it’s not even a dent on steam and the majority of the games they gated to that system only have been released on steam anyway.
            Diablo 3 always online DRM – top selling game – now barely played.

            Yes you can sell an Eskimo ice with the right selling power but only once or twice but even then they still stand higher on the intelligence scale then a console gamer.

          • Why do console users deserve contempt? Do you own a current gen console? Further – where are all the documented cases? Look at Sony! F -ed off everyone with ps3 shenanigans but console sales have increased. It is the other branches of Sony dragging them down financially.

          • Apple is doing well for the moment – but a lot of that was high ramp up everyone was getting iPhones because of good marketing. But the appstore has locked in people to their accounts – all their music and shows they have purchased. If they allowed iTunes on any smartphone you would see apple’s share of the marketplace decrease – by how much who knows.

            Sony is in real trouble according to most reports and the reason it does well is because a lot of japanese game developers were using it over the nintendo wii – with the WiiU coming out you might see more of the RPG developers not contract locked migrate there.

            If you took out the Japanese game market the PS3 would have died a while ago – conversely the same with XBOX and the western game market.

            But on the PC places like Kongregate and Newgrounds can supply sometimes better games then professional ones. Again sorry if you don’t like console gamers being blamed for the countless generic war shooters – DLC – necessary pre-orders for full content – shoehorned in multiplayer – apathetic game developers no longer trying. But they are responsible and should be held as such – just like any other enabler is.

    • “Developers go where the gamers are” This. One of the reasons why it took so long for DX 10/11 to take off is because Xbox uses DX9. With a new xbox coming out maybe next year that’ll probably support DX 11.1, then we’ll maybe start seeing games that support DX11 only. Note I said DX11, because developers go where the games are, and there’ll probably still be a lot of people on Windows 7. Mind you, by then Windows 9 may already be out.

      • Yep. And as for DX11.1 I believe ATi are the only ones again who support it – and to put it in better context, Nvidia is less likely to support it as they want you to buy into the 3Dvision..

        And at the end of the day im still glad MS is doing this, people need to move on pass windows 7 and vista – and for anyone clings to the damn beliefs of XP. Win8 is smooth, fast and im ready for some serious gaming on my rigs.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t DX11.1 also for RT (for metro games)? And the Surface has an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. I need to have a look into this.

    • because directx directly relates to consoles how???

      it doesn’t… this is just a dick move by Microsoft to get people on to Windows 8, but I imagine until DX12 it won’t be a major issue.

        • i know exactly what i means… but it doesn’t relate to ALL consoles… you think sony uses directx? nintendo? no… i don’t believe they do

          • Look, Xbox 360 uses DX9, Windows games use DX9, why? Because it’s easy to port Xbox games to Windows thanks to the common code. They port it from Xbox 360 to PC and not the other way around because more people buy console games than PC games.
            Now, the Xbox “720” is a next gen console, which will use a newer version of DirectX, probably DirectX12. So Xbox 720 games will use DX12, and Windows games will use DX12, why? Because they’re porting them over.
            So, when the next gen of consoles is released, then it will be a problem that Windows 7 doesn’t have a version of DirectX higher than 11, for the reason I stated above.

            And that is how DirectX directly relates to consoles. Consoles being a plural word because by then there will have been 3 different Xboxes (that have all used DirectX). Not consoles as in “all the consoles”.

          • talk about getting off track… i know that the xbox consoles use directx… i never said they didn’t and yes i’m sure the next xbox will use dx12 or whatever version they’re at around that time (which is probably 12)… i’m not debating that at all so stop defending it…

            the statement was “next gen of consoles” implying more than just the next xbox and not even referring to the old/current xbox

            i still think it sucks with dx12 being win8 exclusive… win7 isn’t that old… it should still be supported… it NEEDS a service pack desperately or some kind of update rollup… yet microsoft are hoping it will die so they can sell the piece of trash that is windows 8 and yes i’ve used it… yes its quick but it isn’t a great desktop OS unless you modify it with third party software… unfortunately i will probably end up running it as well because i like new and shiny things and i want to be able to run the latest hardware and benefit from things like dx12 and the xbox integration stuff is certainly of interest to me… i just think its wrong that they aren’t bringing this new tech to win7

            thats my rant… thats my point… can we end this back and forth debate now?

      • Dick move? Its a frigging smart move! Win8 is a fully optimised Win7 with less overhead – people should be moving to this platform for gaming. My HTPC and Gaming rig haven’t ran better than this in years!

        And as for the posters reason as how consoles relate to this – consoles are still using hardware with DX9, meaning they don’t have a lot of the tech and high end graphic capabilities PCs have. When we get a port from a console, we are basically getting a DX9 port with maybe a few tweaks – no one has pushed anything in DX10 or DX11 because of this – yet PC rigs are capable of so much more!

        If the point of it being a “dick move” is because people cant get over the new start menu/changes I think people need to get over it.. If my mom can find her way around Windows 8 by herself – and in fact is doing more with it then she could do on any standard windows Xp/Vista/7 machine, that tells you how easy it is to use – yet ive still got access to everything I want/do currently.

        • Thank you, that is what I meant. Games are still being made for DX9 so that they are console “friendly”. While us PC gamers just want some DX11 love, and when we get it its usually really poorly done, Arkam City anyone???

  • Love all the unsubstantiated hate for Windows 8 when it is a far superior O.S. to any Windows operating system so far. Especially when 90% of people ratting on it haven’t even used it.

    Sure Metro sucks and not having a Start bar is dumb, as well as the way media center is handled. Easy fixes for me have been Classic Shell which brings the start menu back but still allows me to use Metro for quick email checking and poke around and learn the new interface while doing so at my own pace.

    I have been an Avid computer user and gamer since windows 95 and this is one of the best operating systems I have ever used, everything is slicker, faster and not full of bloatware compared to every other windows system and just about the only O.S. I have used that is slightly punchier is Ubuntu but the compatibility with windows software even when using WINE just made it too clunky for me.

    The Compatibility with software is amazing and games that needed compatibility modes, ran poorly or just never ran on Windows 7 just work here. An example of this is Age of Empires 2, On windows 7 it always had graphical glitches and getting it to lan was a real PITA, my mate and I almost fell off of our chairs after recently installing Windows 8 we Installed, Played and Connected to a LAN instantly with no graphical glitches to be seen. I have 275 steam games not to mention ones purchased from GOG and other online retailers or on Disc and am working through them, so far I have found 1 that will not work on windows 8… 1 Windows 7 was incompatible with at least 10% of the games I have tried without at the very least needing to be run in compatibility mode.

    Do you people just believe the B.S. being spoon-fed to you by other people without trying it yourself? It’s Like a child who says they don’t like food without trying it, just because they don’t like change.

    Recently upgraded my fiancées computer to windows 8 aswell as my mate who was unsure about it and guess what, after using it for a day both love it, fancy that.

    Tell me why “Windows 8 will be a skippable OS just like Vista was – if a gamer upgrades to windows 8 just to play a game then really they should have their pc taken away from them along with any sharp edges in their house and given a console so they can be less harm to society.” or “most gamers or anyone with half a clue about PC’s despises Windows 8.”

    If anyone can give me a good, well thought out response as to why Windows 8 sucks, please do I would be glad to read it and respond in kind.

  • It’s a move that is attempting to strongarm people into moving to Windows 8. I don’t like it at all. Microsoft may well either manage to force enough people that they retain a large user base, or lose a bunch of them over this.

    Or the upgrade to DirectX might just be relatively small, and the whole thing blows over when they get to Windows 9.

  • Seems like a non-issue. I see a lot of games that still have DirectX 9 modes. Even Borderlands 2 was made to run with DirectX 9. So even if Microsoft wants to exclude people or encourage them to upgrade, game developers want to get their games played by as many people as possible.

    Also, Windows 8 upgrade is like, less than $50. When the time comes for games that are exclusively Windows 8 and above, the OS will have had patches and everything will be working better. So just go buy Windows 8 then.

  • I like Windows 7 – it’s the first version of Windows where I thought everything was done “right”. I ain’t upgrading to 8 until I have to, and DX11.1 won’t make me change.. DX12 probably will.

    That said, PC games today are still developed with DX9 graphics, with DX11 support being an added feature, so I don’t think anyone will have to upgrade any time soon.

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