Next Time You Have Sex In Front Of A Webcam, Make Sure It’s Turned Off

Next Time You Have Sex In Front Of A Webcam, Make Sure It’s Turned Off

It’s been, what, only a few weeks since Slooshi was caught jerking off on camera after a League of Legends livestream event? Well, looks like somebody – and by somebody, I mean World of Warcraft player murdaralph – didn’t learn their lesson.

Having finished a Mists of Pandaria livestreaming session over on Twitch, murdaralph shut his game down for the night. Then had sex with his lady friend. What he did not do in between those two things was turn his camera off or end the stream, meaning an audience that had turned up just to see some numbers go flying instead got to see, well, yeah. Everything.

Seems he didn’t realise his mistake until he woke up the next morning.

The video has since been removed, and murdaralph’s account automatically closed down for violating the service’s terms of service (an automated action in Twitch’s part), but the images, they remain (though I’m not going to share them here, since they’re entirely NSFW).

According to this post on Reddit, murdaralph answered a few questions in the comments section of his stream afterwards, saying that he’d left the camera on by accident, that his girlfriend was “very mad” at him As you’d imagine, seeing as thousands people could have seen it live.

Is this now a thing? Is 2013’s “misplaced sex tape” going to be “livestreamed sex act”? Twitch certainly won’t be happy, since that kind of action doesn’t fly on their all-ages service, but for the crowd it might beat watching somebody else play a video game all night long.

Word of advice: if you’re doing a livestream of a game, remember to turn the cam off as well as the game [Reddit]

Why You should turn off your computer after streaming – starts @ 4h.35min [NSFW] [Reddit]


  • OK, serious question: why the Hell does anyone watch livestreams of anyone else playing games like WoW?!
    I get watching ranked matches of RTSes, fighting game tourneys etc….
    But WoW?! Grind games are dull enough to PLAY!

    • To answer your question, pvp and heroic raid attempts (normally world firsts) seem to be the two most popular WoW streams to watch, though every so often you’ll get someone just running around questing or something.

      You shouldn’t be so judgemental. I find the whole idea of watching RTS or fighting game matches boring as heck. I just can’t see the appeal at all. Doesn’t mean I don’t think others shouldn’t enjoy watching them though. Everyone has different tastes after all.

  • I dunno, even though his reaction towards the end is still golden,
    I can’t help but think this might be preplanned still even if other sites point out its legit.
    This got released way too close behind the Slooshi video.
    Or maybe the internet Paparazzi are now actively looking for this stuff?

  • What confuses me is the camera is pointing at the bed.. so what was he streaming while playing WoW? Unless he turned the camera around after it – which then seems a bit dubious.

    • He was streaming himself – the viewer would have seen his screen on the game as well as his face and responses to the happenings in the game.

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