Next Year, Gabe Newell Becomes A Video Game Hall Of Famer

Next Year, Gabe Newell Becomes A Video Game Hall Of Famer

John Carmack’s in there. Will Wright’s in there, too. So are Tim Sweeney, Peter Molyneux and Shigeru Miyamoto. And now Gabe Newell will be joining all of those video game luminaries in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.

According to the AIAS, the Hall of Fame Award goes to “game creators who have been instrumental in the development of highly influential games and moving a particular genre forward.” Newell, of course, has helmed Valve as it rolled out classic games like Half-Life 2 and evolutionary services like Steam. With achievements like those, it’s a bit of a surprise that Valve’s top executive wasn’t already in the Academy’s august body. Newell will be inducted by Epic Games’ president Mike Capps at next year’s DICE Summit in Las Vegas and will be speaking at the conference.

DICE isn’t usually the kind of gathering where game reveals happen but maybe Mr Newell will be so moved by the admiration and appreciation that he’ll finally spill the beans on Half-Life 3. It’s Vegas. Anything could happen.


  • I seriously don’t understand why the gaming community worships this guy like a saint.

    Half-Life was pretty neat at the time, and Steam is mostly a positive service, but all of his games after HL1 have been very mediocre in my opinion.

    • I guess it’s a point of opinion. I enjoy a majority of Valve’s games and found some of the more recent ones to be very influential in the gaming community (such as Portal and L4D2).

    • Some of it at least is his philosophy when it comes to dealing with piracy in that he’s very vocal about his beliefs that the best way to deal with internet piracy is to provide services that pirates can’t. He’s got a code of ethics that tends to put customers/gamers first and that’s something you like to see in the man in charge of steam.
      Besides that Half life 2 was an amazing game, the episodes were very good additions to it and Team fortress 2 has been an unqualified success in its free to play model.

    • Because the man knows how to do business, he knows how to make something marketable without feeling like you’re getting ripped off, total freaking good guy to fans, if you can’t see why people respect Gabe Newell so much you’ve got to read up a bit more about the guy and Valves history, its not just about the games they make. There are few personalities like him in the industry, look at other big companies like EA and Activision, neither of those companies have a figurehead like him who the gaming community holds in high esteem, its more like pitchforks.

    • Subjective opinions on the HL series aside, he’s lead one of the most innovative development teams (I think most people would agree) through some big and risky projects – albeit at an incredibly dull pace as of late.
      His contributions to me are in terms of the way he’s willing to think and discuss games, that opens them up to redefinition. He seems a very bright man, with a lot of interesting ideas. He listens and interacts with his fans in a very positive manner, and has put a face to one of the largest video game development studios in the world.

    • Because if it was not for him, Valve & Steam, PC gaming would not be where it is today. That is why he is held in such high regard. Also Valve have made some pretty fun games, even if their catalogue is tiny, compared to other companies.

    • I think it’s because Gabe Newell is pretty much IS a saint.

      His company makes great games. They also go about doing it in a way that isn’t dickish. As a boss, he is generous to his employees and fosters their creativity. As a businessman he has established the worlds greatest digital game distribution network that brings cheap games to millions of people around the world with the click of a finger.

      He’s like the Steve Jobs of video gaming, but only if Steve Jobs wasn’t a heartless dictatorial monster.

      Gabe Newell is a visionary, a nice guy, a gamers gamer and a business success. He loves video games. It shows.

    • I get what you’re saying. I think this award is almost entirely due to Stream. Its impact is great. Other than that, if it was purely video game development, he doesn’t measure against the others.

      And to the other people going on about his stance on piracy, wtf does that have to do with this? I mean from the perspective of AIAS who are giving this award?

  • i’m not sure the GAMES are very influential but STEAM is. I mean i haven’t seen an fps that wanted to copy half life, left for dead or team fortress 2.

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