Nintendo (Finally) Explains How The Wii U's Online Will Work

Phew, they made it. The Wii U comes out in five days, and now we finally know how its internet functionality will work. Here's Nintendo's Bill Trinen talking about the Nintendo Network, user IDs, the eShop and more.


    9:58 - the way he says that line creeps me out

      and again at 14:00. why was he staring at the orange so intently. what happened inbetween clips

        He is referencing a meme that Regi unintentionally created in another wii u promotional video.

          I believe it was Iwata with the bananas that it's referencing. Did Reggie do something else too?

    Looks awesome! Can't wait for the 30th!

    Why is he using the wiimote to play mario? Nintendo are pretty much saying the gamepad is pointless when playing games.

    Don't really want to sit through 14 minutes of this but can someone please answer some questions?

    Is there an account system similar to every other platform that will let you re-download obtained content again for free? Nothing like what the 3DS has I hope, where if you lose the console or it gets broken, everything is GONE. If there is an account system, was anything similar announced for the 3DS?

    Friend codes for everything or a general friend code for what I hope is an account?


      Yeah your purchases are tied to your account, as are your friends and such, apparently there's a way to transfer all your old Wii purchases to your new account as well, wouldn't be surprised if your account id is still an ugly numeric code, but other than that it seems up to what you'd expect.

        Thank you!

        Any idea if this will be implemented with the 3DS (tie the same account together, or have its own account system?)

      There is a network account system. It appears that you get a number ID associated with your network account, which you can use to access the account on the WiiU. And in the future, you will be able to access the same account using that ID from your PC, Smartphone, and future Nintendo devices.

      I imagine you would be able to re-download games that you have previously downloaded. The experience would be pretty broken if you were unable to access content you had previously bought.

      I don't think they mentioned anything about whether it would be available on the 3DS, but they did hint at this a while back. It would be nice to get confirmation on it though. I hope it happens.

      He also mentioned that games downloaded for one user will be available for all the users on that console, but failed to address how they approach using the same account on multiple consoles.

      The rest of the video was just them showing off how you can access things like the web browser and Miiverse while your game is paused.


        Hopefully they do something similar to the PS3 where you can play content from other users and you can use your account on 2 (previously 5) other consoles.

    So you can access a message board while playing your game?


    Will this be region specific? As in will I be able to add friends in other parts of the world?

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