Nintendo Launches $100 Wii Mini In Canada, But Nobody Knows Why

North American retail giant Best Buy leaked a screenshot of it earlier today, and now Nintendo has officially confirmed that a mini version of the original Wii will be launching exclusively in Canada. The question being asked is why Nintendo has repackaged older hardware in a redesigned casing and why it's only going to Canada. It's also missing a couple of key features that will make you wonder if it's worth the $100 price tag.

The Wii Mini will be available from retailers across Canada on December 7 for $99.99 Canadian, which equates to roughly $96 in Australian currency. Mind you, that price doesn't include sales tax. So depending on the province, Canadians will be paying anywhere between $104.99 and $114.99 at the till for a stripped-down version of the Wii U's predecessor — minus GameCube compatibility and internet access. The top-loading console comes in a black and red casing, and ships with one red Wii Remote Plus and a nunchuk.

Nintendo seems to be pushing for a spot on family Christmas wish lists with this budget console, but it's a bit of a head-scratcher as to why it's only bound for Canada. The timing is odd too, since the Wii U was launched just last week, ahead of Australia's November 30 release date. According to an official Nintendo statement, the Wii Mini "is designed exclusively to play Wii games" and aimed at first-time Wii owners. Are Canadians less motivated by fancy features and more interested in a barebones console restricted to casual offline gaming? Why risk taking sales away from the Wii U so soon?

Nintendo won't say whether it will be released elsewhere at this stage, and it obviously doesn't want people confusing the Wii Mini with the more expensive Wii U. The lack of Wi-Fi certainly is a dealbreaker for me, since I would want to take advantage of Netflix as much as possible while I'm in Canada. And when you start adding in games and extra controllers, you'll be getting close to the price of a Wii U anyway, right? Perhaps that explains the quiet limited release.



    It may sound like neutered junk but if they limit it to Canada and limit its stock it will most likely become a staple collectors item.

    Don't be surprised to see it on ebay for $200 already.

    Almost want to grab one just for a red mote+chuk set.

    Thats the sexiest looking Nintendo console I've ever seen.

    I was thinking if they stripped out wifi, would the ethernet adapter still work but then I noticed they mentioned this in the article "works with most Wii accessories". It seems strange though because a lot of Wii games require system updates just to play unless they're no longer releasing system updates for the Wii now that the WiiU is about to come out.

    Agreed about it being a collectors item if it only gets a Canadian release.

      Games that require a system update always have said updates on the disc

    Oh and I bet anything this was meant to come out a year ago but got delayed for some reason and they just decided to do a minor release to see what happens.

    Wouldn't watching netflix in SD be woeful? Kinds defeats the purpose of streaming content doesn't it?

    ill be in Canada in decemeber, tempted to buy this in the hopes it becomes a collectors piece

    I don't see why Internet connectivity is such a necessary cut for a budget system. Seems like a perfect device for all the classic games on the wii store.

      And how exactly do you propose to get "all those classic games on the Wii store" onto your Wii without internet connectivity?

    At least they didn't make it ugly and obnoxious looking.

    For those thinking this looks nice... sorry but

      Still looks pretty cool to me haha. But the lacking GameCube stuff, definite turn off.

      It looks awesome.

    I was considering buying this Wii because it is so sexy, but then I read "No internet access" and instantly turned me off it. I guess I will just keep using my sisters Wii for "Completely Legal Homebrew "

    Wow this is pretty cool except for the no-gamecube and wifi =/

    They had already dropped the Gamecube compatibility on newer Wiis (since November 2011) so if you want that you have to buy a used Wii or find old stock. Only diehard fans with old consoles (not the target market for this newer console) would msis that.

    Removal of WIFI however is boneheaded. The Wii was always sold as an Internet connected, auto updating, WIFI enabled device. You can get used Wii consoles quite a bit cheaper that are going to be more capable.

    Sometimes I wonder who is running Nintendo. Certain decisions are just bizzare!

    Why bother? Normal Wiis are much better value, and still pretty cheap.

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