Nintendo Receiving The Apple Treatment From ebay

Nintendo Receiving The Apple Treatment From ebay

Nintendo is about to launch the Wii U, and as the first major console launch in what seems like a millenial age, it’s a pretty big deal. Well, ebay thinks so at least. In fact, ebay thinks it’s such a big deal it’s giving Nintendo the Apple treatment, setting up a very specific set of rules regarding how many Wii Us can be sold online, and how they are sold and posted. It looks like ebay may be expecting a bit of a Wii U deluge.

As far back as we can remember, ebay has only ever done this with Apple products, so it’s telling that ebay is expanding this little rule-set to Nintendo products as well.

The rules are mostly quite dull, and focus on how many items can be sold, what type of postage tracking needs to be used, stuff like that — mostly to protect consumers, and stop people from selling people the wrong product, to reduce scalping, etc.

Restrictions such as these? It’s almost like a strange compliment!


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