Nintendo Shows Off Its Latest Club Nintendo Goodies For Japan

Nintendo Shows Off Its Latest Club Nintendo Goodies For Japan

Today, Nintendo unveiled its latest collection of Club Nintendo goodies for Platinum Members in The Land of the Rising Sun. There’s a Pikmin bag, “Premium Mario Playing Cards”, a calendar and a DSi game called Nintendoji. A Club Nintendo Exclusive, this downloadable game is a dungeon-based role-playing game with card elements.

My favourite thing about Club Nintendo in Japan is that most of the goodies are things I’d actually use — not just random stuff.

クラブニンテンドー [任天堂]


  • . . .damn at this point I’d settle for random stuff in our Club Nintendo. . .

    But hey look, the Club Nintendo thing is moving, maybe this will lead for good things for us Aussies in the future Spoilers: No it wont

    But they bringing back the much love aspect of Club Nintendo points expiring again which will no doubt lead to people who have purchased everything on the old catalogue (14 items. . . not a hard feat) will have to double up on some things and not hold out indefinitely for those once in a blue moon moments when Nintendo Europe remember we still exist and throw us a bone. . .

    • I’m just happy I snagged a Golden Nunchuck.

      It’s kind of annoying that most of my codes are useless since I import from the UK but, it’s not like there’s anything worth getting anyway from the Aus store :P. I just get worried that they’ll have another limited edition thing (SNES controller, Gold Nunchuck) and I won’t be able to get it.

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