Nintendo’s Cool New MiiVerse Social Network Goes Down On Day One

Nintendo’s Cool New MiiVerse Social Network Goes Down On Day One

The Wii U’s MiiVerse service is currently offline. Trying to access it spits out an error message like the one you see above.

It’s too bad because Nintendo’s ambitious social network for its new console is pretty cool. I’ve been messing around with it for much of the day. It lets Wii U users post typed or hand-written messages (and drawings) to message boards dedicated to various Wii U games and apps. It lets people reply to each other, upvote comments, follow each other and even post screenshots and spoiler-tagged spoilers.

Sadly, it’s not accessible right now.

Launch woes!


  • I think launches of new hardware or really popular games should now come with the automatic expectation that there are going to be problems. Yeah, it sucks, but it is unrealistic to expect everything to work perfectly from day one.

    • Yeah unfortunately I think you’re right. I can’t think of a single online service that was working fine on day one.
      I’d be very surprised if this ever changes..

    • At least by the time it launches in Australia it should all be fixed. One of the few positive aspects of a delayed local release, I suppose 😛

      • Well, depends what the issue is. If the servers are down because people flooded them then strictly speaking the same problem could occur here.

        • True. Lots of people going to download a 5GB patch on launch day would make for the same issue here as everywhere else, I would imagine.

          • the simultanious release in Europe might hurt us, but Australia alone wouldn’t cause much of a fuss.

          • this is potentially a good reason to go to a midnight launch and start updating it while you’re asleep? lol

  • That shocked mii should become their new defacto logo.
    These guys have a joke console that can’t even keep up with 8 year old consoles!
    Mega 5gb hardware patch day 1 to enable online features!
    Social network crashes shortly after finally getting switched on.
    No 2 player pad games or he’ll, not even able to buy a second pad – tats gotta be a world first!
    Rediculouslyvshiny pads to smear with dirty prints.
    Gimped ports that look and play worse despite launching a year or more later on brand new hardware!
    Destinct lack ofthirdparty support (AGAIN!) , besides good ol ubi.
    No New flagship 3d Zelda or Mario title fir launch, … or the launch window, hell… not even on the remote horizon!!!!!!

    Iwata, your fired!!!!

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