Nintendo's President Is 'Very Sorry' About All Those Wii U Updates

When users first got a Wii U home after its launch, it was tough to just plug it in and play. There were firmware updates. Many services then required their own updates. You couldn't play Wii games without downloading updates. Updates updates updates.

While it was an understandable inconvenience — come on, it's a new console! — Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is still sorry about the whole thing, telling IGN "Personally I think that users should be able to use all the functions of a console video game machine as soon as they open the box".

"So I feel very sorry for the fact that purchasers of Wii U have to experience a network update which takes such a long time, and that there are the services which were not available at the hardware's launch."

It's OK, we survived, but I'm sure the apology will be appreciated by many regardless.

Nintendo's Relentless Quest for Success [IGN]


    Me thinks it'll be the first of many apologies...
    ...sorry for the crappy battery life
    ...sorry about the endless Mario ports
    ...sorry everyone ignored us after year 1

      at least he's not telling us we're using it wrong....

      The battery is indeed a shame, but considering the screen and the fact they included a crazy long charging cable for it, I think it's been considered and they're not going to pretend it's not a problem.
      The other two remarks on the other hand have no factual base and you're just being cynical.

      Yeah sure, he will apologise for Mario games that everyone loves and buys and if the Wii is going to be anything to go by, critically acclaimed like Galaxy & Galaxy 2 were. Go do something productive, troll.

    I certainly have my issues with Ninty but say what you will an apology for mistakes is a damn sight better trying to spin a failed feature or lack of one as a positive. I remember another console launch where I was expected to be convinced that a dropped feature was awesome then within twelve months see that feature come back and again be convinced that was awesome.

    Thank you, Iwata sama sensei.

      that doesn't work, you can't have both sama and sensei. Pick one and stick with it.

        I know, I was joking, its a running joke with my friend and I. I did Japanese for 4 years, but no one could have known that :P

    My old iPhone took ages to get started out of the box. I had to hook it up to my computer and sync it (I think it was installing updates as well) for well over an hour. Nobody seemed to care then.

      As a society we've been spoiled by technology and we've come to expect perfection immediately upon release. Especially gamers. It's a trend that's happened over the past year or two, where we've grown comfortable in the tech we have and when new tech comes along and isn't perfect it seems unreasonable.

      simple, it's because apple fans are blind sheep.

    We were spoiled back in 80s in that case. The original NES and SNES and Gamecube worked out of the box with all functions enabled with no update required. In addition, the games themselves did not require patching and by and large were fine the way they were. The ability to patch games and devices is a doubled-edged sword as it allows improvements to an existing game or device but also allows lazy development as there is no need for it to be fully functional out of the box. "We'll just patch it later".

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