No System Wide Achievements For The Wii U — Relieved Or Disappointed?

No System Wide Achievements For The Wii U — Relieved Or Disappointed?

This feeling. I can’t tell whether it’s relief or apathy. According to a post in Neogaf from Jeremiah Slaczka, creative director and co-founder of 5th Cell, the Wii U most likely will not have a centralised ‘achievements’ system in place for the console. Nintendo is leaving it to the developers themselves to decide.

“There are no Wii U accomplishments that are system wide,” he posted. “They are up to the developers to include or not include.”

5th Cell, set to release Scribblenauts Unlimited on the console has “loosely” added ‘Global Starite Shards’ which Slaczka described as a “giant checklist of global things to spawn and do in the game that aren’t area specific”.

Now that I think about it — the feeling is relief. I always sort of enjoyed playing Wii games sans any kind of gamified reward. I think playing a Mario or Zelda game would feel a little bit strange with some sort of achievement blip. Just me I suppose. I felt the same way when Achievements were first introduced with the Xbox 360.

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  • I don’t give a toss about Trophies / Achievements / whatever you want to call them on systems that DO have them. So it really doesn’t bother me in the slightest whether or not any new systems decide to implement them.

  • disappointed.

    i know consciously they are included to add to addiction, get people to keep playing for way longer. but deep down my tiny primate brain doesnt care. global achievements are the exact reason ive spent more time playing the 360 then any other console.

    • That subconscious desire for achievements has actually ruined some games for me.

      Take Dishonoured for example. I really feel if I didn’t care about not killing anyone or being detected I’d enjoy the game a lot more.

  • Does this mean that the system also doesn’t have proper accounts? Because the current situation with the 3DS is pretty subpar – digital purchases are locked to that system only and if your system dies or gets stolen or anything you’re SOL.

    • Bloody terrible. But according to Batguy if you have your serial number written down you might be able to get them back if you contact Nintendo? Not too sure about that one though.

      • I think they have an option of backing up all your purchased products and stuff if you’re getting a new 3DS or upgrading a 3DS, BUT, if it breaks or is stolen (which are the most likely reasons for needing this) you lose everything. yay!

        i could be wrong though……

        • There’s an option to transfer it to a new 3DS but that resets the original one back to factory settings.

          Those two were my main concerns, having it break or losing/getting it stolen :(.

          At least there’s some relief in knowing that I could log onto an account and re-downloading everything I’ve obtained again at no extra cost but… yeah… :/

      • The guy on the phone said that they need the serial number to confirm what items I have downloaded. With it, he said that I might have been able to convince them to reinstate the purchases but “don’t get your hopes up”. Without the serial number there is apparently absolutely nothing they can do.

    • They have already confirmed here is an actual Nintendo Network account you have to sign up for – and that you can use it to access uPlay and Origin as well.

      Are the games tied to the account? Who knows. They have just said they want to roll out this online system to the 3DS also.

  • I have to say I like the achivement system and still treasure my ‘the laay remnant’ one above all else. I cant conveay how happt I was to beat that 12 round battle, get the real ending and a virtual medal as a testiment to my efforts. On the flip side the last thing I want is an achivement for getting the first mushroom in mario or something :p

      • That’s epic dude. I got about 3/4 of the way and it was already a struggle and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get further. I then did some research and realised the complex levelling system meant it would be a real uphill battle and I should probably start again….then my 360 RROD’d and I just gave up.

  • That’s lame. I don’t achievement hunt on most games, but on games I really enjoy it gives me something extra to do. If it’s not built into the system then there won’t be a proper way to share with friends.

    Nintendo is pants on backwards with online features.

  • i really hoped they’d introduce something… i freakin love achievements and trophies… with the social aspect of the wii u they could have made it something quite awesome… oh well 🙁

  • Doesn’t really bother me.

    I don’t know why everyone gets so bitchy over Achievements/Trophies/Whatever. You can turn off notifications for them for most things so they don’t really get in the way. Personally I know if I see an interesting one I’ll go out of my way and try and get it, something I wouldn’t normally do otherwise. There’s just too many games to play nowadays and when I’m done with one I’ll usually move straight onto the next, even if I really enjoyed it. As little of as incentive they are, they have made me go back and play games more than once.

    But the best ones IMO are ones that actually ‘reward’ you for them, whether it’s in-game or a system wide one. If I recall, getting Trophies in Uncharted unlocked galleries and behind the scenes videos, both are stuff which I really like and are unlockables I enjoy. Maybe an extra costume or some sort of game-play thing too would be cool.

      • For the same reason that people say they never watch Reality TV. Because they’re try-hards!

        Honestly I think Achievements are great, nobody ever said you had to go after every one (God knows I haven’t) but they are a fun record of what you’ve done in the game and I think Nintendo is remiss to not include them with their console.

        • Being a completionist with a mild case of OCD, achievements give me the angries. It is not that I am morally opposed to achievements, it is more the fact that if it gives me one for doing something I “have” to do anyway (i.e. complete chapter 1 of random game x) then it seems like a cop-out. I didn’t have to work for it, you just gave it to me, that isn’t an achievement, that is rewarding mediocrity. If the achievement was for doing something obscure or especially difficult (think dungeon/raid achievements in WoW) then I will take your reward in stride. My biggest issue with this example though is, if I have 0% of something, I don’t feel compelled to get 100%, if however I get 1% for playing the game for the first 10 minutes of the story, then my brain does a backflip every time I exit the game without actively trying to fill in the achievement gaps -_-

          • I should also clarify that not having achievements makes me happy, it lets me set my own version of 100% completed. i.e. hardest difficulty with all of the things collected/unlocked and every alternate something that I can do in the game done without a little ping popping up every time I did something I have to do

  • I feel that achievements when done right can add some extra fun and longevity to a game.
    That said, I won’t mourn their absence if they’re not there.

  • most of the time the achievements are a lame afterthought anyway. fair enough if its a genuine achievement like getting 10 headshots while balancing on a ball and juggling monkeys, but half the time they’re awarded merely for playing through the game

  • I personally don’t care for them either, but I do appreciate that some people like the challenge of the ‘cheeve hunt. Kind of seems like Nintendo is leaving that group out. Surely the ‘cheeve hunters are worth more than the cost of implementation.

  • Trophies provide longetivity for some games, i.e. I saw a hell of a lot more of Fallout 3 chasing the Platinum than I did just finishing the story…

  • Disappointed to be totally honest. What many people forget is they’re totally optional, if you’re the kind of person who dislikes achievements/trophies then you’re under absolutely no obligation to get any of them.

    They’re for people who like extra challenge or a way to extend the replayability of their games. I don’t have all that many trophies for my PS3 games library but I will admit to playing a game longer just to get a cool trophy, or playing it in a way that I wouldn’t normally have done due to a trophy.

    Such as in Human Revolution, going a total pacifist route was one of the most fun things I did in that game and it was due to trophies that I even bothered in the first place.

    It’s also a way to keep up with your friends who’re also playing certain games, just to see what they’ve achieved in it or how far they’ve gotten. For an optional enhancement to a gaming experience, I think it’s a misstep to not include such a system for a console that’s supposedly meant to compete with the PS3 and 360.

    • Totally agree Kritter5x. I like the extra challenge and incentive to play that some achievements offer. I understand why some people don’t like them, but you don’t need to care about or chase them if you don’t want to. It’s all about choice.

      I’m really starting to worry about whether Nintendo will implement a unique account name on the WiiU now. It’s 2-weeks out from launch and no one knows anything about it!

    • What are you even talking about? Do you know what stockholm Syndrome is

      “is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy, sympathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.”

      Now do you think a fan is someone who has been taken captive?
      Honestly man using fancy terms (That don’t apply) to prove a point is just silly.

      • LOL you know Nintendo really pisses xbox and/or playstation fanboys off when they start bitching like this. Love it. Sook all you like you know theres not much sony and microsoft could do to stop the Wii U . Smart glass/ps3+vita? not even close, graphics? Better then anything available now, Brand Wii is No1, 2 year headstart to solidify its position, and new unique gamepad. BUT most importantly solid third party support that will only improve as its install base grows. So when they resort to whining and crappy one liners on forums you know they see the writings on the wall.

      • While I don’t necessarily agree with RSV2, his likening the idea of fanboys to hostages with Stockholm Syndrome can be applied to a great many circumstances with some accuracy.

        In a slightly better example (because Nintendo have a generally not awful track record) SEGA or Square-Enix could play the part of a captor with all the Sonic/Final Fantasy fanboys being hostages to all of the franchise installments, hemorrhaging money every time a new game is released then lavishing praise on mediocre games like Sonic Unleashed and Final Fantasy XIII, defending them from the nay-sayers etc.

        Now while not 100% accurate to the definition of Stockholm Syndrome, the Publisher/Fanboy relationship exhibits similar behavioural patterns to that of a Captor/Hostage

        • There just full of themselves, nothing more. Its just some random poster that thinks his opinion is high and mighty thats all. They cant accept Nintendo Wii Out sold their precious console/s, they cant imagine people having different tastes in gaming so they go out and insult them thinking there is something wrong with them, but its these people that have a problem. Its pathetic really.

  • Achievment points only serve to show how little I complete games and a constant reminder of how I don’t have time to play as much as I’d like anymore.

  • Disappointed, really. I actually like achievements in most games. Especially considering all the social networking stuff Nintendo is putting into the WiiU, I would’ve thought sharing your achievements amongst your friends would been an obvious feature to include.

      • …How did you know that’s the exact achievement I was thinking of? Get out of my head!

        But yes, that’s what I mean. I have that medal, but none of my friends would know that unless I told them. I guess I’d have to take a screenshot of the game and post it on the Miiverse page or something.

  • If anyone remembers ‘Blast Corp’ on N64, that was the best example of a game that had its own system of achievements without the need for an arbitrary global point system.

  • I think the funny thing is, if Nintendo did have achievements I would actually have a few Platinums/1000GS’s on there. Still not one PS3 or Xbox 360 game I have “completed” though.

  • Little dissapointed. They could have tied a trophy system to the MiiVerse. Like the 3DS can unlock things with coins, they could have done something similar with achievement points and use it to unlock pictures or play mini-games.

  • Acheivements and Quick Saving can both be a neat feature and also drive you to ruin the experience. Achievements make you have no fun as you grind for the achievements restarting and raging when you fail. Quick saving can also destroy many games without you knowing by excessively quick saving and loading so you never fail and experience any tension in the game.

  • There’s achievements on Steam and i don’t give a crap about them, for me i finish the game and play it till i get bored. I’m not gonna waste my time trying to get every achievement, i have way to many games now and games i will buy for the Wii U to worry about them. From what the article said it doesn’t mean there wont be achievements altogether, and that developers can implement there own.

  • I’m dissppointed. Don’t get me wrong I hate achievements and do my best to ignore them, although I did get all the achiements in Windows 8 minesweeper for the lols 😉 My issue is that as other people have admitted already in these comments people can and do seek out games on a partciular platform just to scratch that itch. Nintendo platfrom just lost and edge and some potentional customers and any system, Ninty included needs people playing them for developers to keep making games.

  • I always preferred unlocks to achivements. While some games have combined the two, (Team Fortress 2) I don’t think an achievement mandate would to the WiiU any good.
    Let developers make the decision. Odds are they’ll put them in anyway.

  • Happy happy happy, literally best news I’ve had about this system. arbitrary epeen score is arbitrary and meaningless. which would be fine and dandy except generation internet must attempt to derive meaning from it. now you can both buy and play games purely for enjoyment instead of trophy count. its a brave new world.

  • I think achievements are a good/bad thing depending on the game. In Viva Pinata I found without them I never would have done as much as I did, but then say a game like Skyrim – I don’t even bother to look.

    In the end im happy with them not being system wide and being developed in game – you can have a unique system of achievements tied to that game then – much how Pokémon and Prime 3 had there own systems.

  • While I agree that some achievements/trophies are stupidly mind bogglingly hard, Nintendo could have decided to do them, but do them right.

    Just have logical progression ones that say if you complete the game without spending 300 hours grinding to get them, you have them all. Or tie them to rewards that fall down into the Miiverse side of things.

    Different costumes, or additions to the Mii that you can wear.

    A recent set of achievements done right is Forza Horizon. All of them are based on simply completing the game with a small portion devoted to Multiplayer that don’t take days upon days of playing to get.

    Sure there is a collectable achievement, but that grants you 100% discount on any upgrades to your car, which just leaves you with buying the cars and not having to worry about what to spend your upgrades on. The fact that it marks your missed collectables on the map is a godsend.

  • eh big deal. Never thought much of achievements or trophies. Just found it distracting more than anything else.
    But if the devs want to create their own achievement system – go ahead, I don’t care.

  • I don’t care either way – has never been an incentive to play or complete a game for me – but I can understand and appreciate why they might be useful to developers. I imagine that knowing that, say, only half of your customers finished the game, or that two thirds went to the trouble of completing the ridiculous fetch quest that involved elephants and peanut butter, would be beneficial in terms of feedback.
    I can hope they would use this feedback to then affect changes to their next game to make them better. I can hope a lot of things.

  • Though I’ve never cared about trophies/points (in fact I find them pointless, annoying and take you out of the zone) I think they should really be added since other people care about them

  • I’m pretty indifferent about achievements, in 99% of cases. The only time I’ve actively been glad to have them was in Journey. I looked through the trophy list on a whim one day and discovered a massive amount of stuff to do which I wasn’t even aware existed. The next time I played it was a blast, being aware that at any moment I could come across secret content and get a little closer my beautiful white scarf.
    Which I still haven’t got, btw.

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