Now That Washington Has Legalised Pot, People Are Really Excited For PAX

Screw Obama: the most exciting news from yesterday is that marijuana is now legal in the states of Colorado and Washington. Of course, PAX Prime, annual gaming convention and mecca for nerds across the world, is also held in Washington.

Don't get too excited just yet: marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. But there will be some interesting legislative battles over the next few months as the two states fight for their right to eat Cheetos and watch Arrested Development.

And of course, the gaming community is now super pumped for PAX. Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter over the past few hours:

And the best exchange of the night:


    Loved that last one!

      Fun fact, Demruth is Australian (from Melbourne specifically).

    It may be legal but surely that doesn't mean you can smoke pot openly does it?
    If you can be arrested for public drunkenness I'm sure there are laws to stop open drug use

      I would guess that the laws covering pot use would be made similar to laws covering smoking. Perhaps a hybrid between that an alcohol laws.
      Remember that there is a difference between drinking in public and public drunkenness. And drinking is perfectly legal in restaurants and many other establishments.

        I wouldn't really equate the smoking of pot to tobacco since the effects are different
        At least for alcohol we have the Blood Alcohol Level as a means to measure how affected a person is

        If they're anything like Aus they still need to be licensed to sell alcohol, and drinking in public is only allowed in certain areas, you can't just crack open a case of beer and drink on the street.

      From what I've read, recreational use will be limited to private use - so no Amsterdam cafes. In fact, the way things are moving ahead on this, I doubt you'll see completely public use legalised for many years. There'll still be laws on the quantity that can be carried, but for the most part possession will be decriminalised. There's also a limit on how and where it can be sold - since the sale of marijuana will now be taxed, and evading that will still be illegal. And, as noted in the article, marijuana is still illegal at a federal level. Basically, a whole bunch of hoops and red tape to get through. Even though it's a good 10 months away, I wouldn't expect too much to have changed by the time PAX Prime 2013 rolls around; 2014 might be a different story.

      So a few of the individual states have legalized it under certain circumstances/limitations. This has happened before (see California). This means that the state/county police will not arrest people who are using/possess/selling pot inside the restrictions (whatever these may be, rest assured there will be restrictions). But cannabis is still illegal on a federal level so the federal police will still arrest anyone breaking the federal drug laws. This is basically what happened in California, where the county police weren't bothering anyone but the federales would do routine sweeps of the drug dispensaries and clean them out, issue fines, make arrests etc. America is an upside down country.

    since when was arrested development a pot show? there's no way my brain could keep up with the genius of that show while high. I think you meant to say aqua teen hunger force.

      Personally I watch AD all the time whilst high. That and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Excellent! Because we really needed /another/ widely available behaviour-altering substance; alcohol and tobacco weren't just cutting it anymore: from time to time those hated moments of sobriety still managed to creep upon us and make us... think *shudders*

      How is tobacco a" behaviour-altering substance"? Horrible shit and bad for you, yes, but behavior altering? Really?

      And also it doesn't imply it that weed be widely available like those 2 things, just not illegal to use personally anymore. I must've missed the law that was passed saying the Govt was introducing the legal sale/production and taxation of weed as a money making scheme, like alcohol and tobacco are.

        I'm not sure if this counts but my flatmate forgot his housekey on his second day of kicking cigs and lost his shiz, smashing the window in the door to get in, when there were many less destructive alternatives open to him.

    I'm from Washington state, and i'm happy to say that this is a HUUUGE step, this is revolutionary.

    But... the federal government is gonna have a bitch fit over this. To me it's not legalization, mainly because we can't grow it, and we're also still drug tested for THC for a job.

    IF this continues for a few more years without being stopped by the feds, other states will follow, and in time it'll lead to nationwide legalization.

    Remember, the United States is ground zero for prohibition of weed, they convinced the U.N to make it illegal which affected the ENTIRE planet. Lets hope other countries will soon follow such as Australia.

      "Lets hope other countries will soon follow such as Australia." You're not the only one. However I work in the mining industry, that wont take kindly to any legislation that legalises weed. And to be brutal, the government do whatever the biggest exporting industry in the country want.

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