Off Topic: Last Movie You Saw At The Cinema

I'm the worst, most grumpy old man. You walk out of the cinema. You enjoyed the movie. It wasn't bad, not great. Just decent. There's always one person in the group who has to talk about how crap the movie was, all the plot holes, etc. Yeah. I'm that guy. Urgh. The worst. My question for today's Off Topic is: what was the last movie you saw at the cinema and did you enjoy it?

The last movie I saw at the cinema was Argo. Which is awesome. Really loved it. The first time I walked out of a cinema and didn't complain. Totally recommend it.

What about you guys and girls?


    madagascar 3, and no I don't have kids...

      actually we went out to see that movie and we ended up putting that money towards a DVD rental membership and ever since we have been watching more moves at home on BD.

    Rocky Horror and Yes I did.

    Dredd and it was awesome

      You know what? I agree.

      I wasn't going in there expecting Looper re. storyline but what I got was a visceral "The Raid" style romp that was pretty true to the the Judge Dredd mythos.

      Also, I liked how they made mega-city one believable!

      Though, I didn't like the addition of corruptible judges. I didn't think that was a possiblity?...

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        I think there are some corrupt ones in the comics, but im not 100% sure...

    Went and saw Lawless the other day, it was awesome. Tom Hardy is the man.

    Cloud Atlas. I think I enjoyed it, though I'm not quite sure. It was definitely interesting.

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      is that out in Aus? really want to see this

        I think he saw it while in the U.S., not out until next year here. :'(

          I year though? bummer

            Yeah, next February. I went out of my way to see it while I was over there because I'm impatient :)

            I also planned to see Wreck-it Ralph, but ended up leaving the day that it was released. Call me crazy, but I decided that riding on a cable car and making my flight connections was preferable to seeing a movie 2 months early!

    Looper. Went in without knowing much beyond those early ads that didn't show off much at all, quite enjoyed it in the end.

    Lately I've been playing a lot of games and seeing a lot of movies without knowing a whole lot about them. It's been rather nice to not have everything spoilt before going in there, makes them a lot more enjoyable.

      I love seeing movies knowing nothing about them! Looper was the second-to-last movie I saw. I wish I knew less about it going in, but somehow I picked up stuff via osmosis in the preceding weeks and that spoilt it a bit. Still enjoyable, though maybe not quite as much as as I was hoping.

      I went in knowing it was about time travel and that it was made by Rian Johnson. That's good enough for me. I liked his first 2 movies (Brick and The Brothers Bloom - especially Brick, which I really loved), so his track record was enough to get me into the cinema to watch it.

    Let me check the ol' pile of movie tickets I keep in my wallet...

    The last movie I saw was Brave! I need to get to the cinema more often. (The first movie ticket in my pile is Casino Royale :P)

      Haha! My wallet is packed with movie tickets too! :D

      Haha, I keep a pile of movie tickets. Though not in my wallet, usually in a box but that's buried behind a mountain of junk so they're piling up on the other side of my room atm.

    Argo. And I concur, it was awesome indeed. For all the sh*t I've hurled at Ben Affleck over the years, I must now concede that he is a GREAT director. Argo was excellent, and his previous movie (The Town) was just as good. I haven't seen Gone Baby Gone but I'm tempted to look it up if it's half as good as his other two.

    Looper. Some bits I didn't like, but that's because I'm not a fan of MA15+ movies and didn't know its rating before I saw it xD I went in knowing absolutely nothing about (except for the fact it had time travel in it and it was apparently a good movie). I'd heard some friends talking about how good it was, then the next night some other friends said they were going to go see it, so I joined them. But yeah, overall I rather enjoyed it.
    The only film I've ever come out of feeling a little bit disappointed would have to be Transformers 2. Overall, I still enjoyed that too though.

    Paranormal Activity 4

    The cinema was full of screaming girls and their smart arse boyfriends. There was screaming, there was heckling. Magical experience. Loved it.

      Those movies are best enjoyed as a social experience, for sure.

    Indiana Jones and The raiders of the lost ark. Decided to go 1/2 hour before it was on, dragged my misses away from Big Brother. Loved it! Holds its own 30 years later in vmax!

    Looper. I freakin' loved it and would fight any one who didn't. :P

      Looper as well! I'm glad i loved it too so now you won't have to bash me =p

    Batman : The Dark Knight Rises

      Same here. Went and saw it with the family and we all loved it. A good conclusion to a decent set of films

    Paranormal Activity 4.

    Use of Kinect was cool. Story was nonsense.

    Not worth seeing.

    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

    Because most of the time I would rather wait for the DVD, and as a person with two anxiety disorders, the movies are a bleh experience

      Sunday night 9pm sessions 2-3 weeks after release are the best. Even better if it's the $10 movie at the time. At my local cinema there tends to be between 0 and 3 other people sharing the room with me when I go to these sessions. First thing Sunday morning is also pretty good.

    lord of the rings. I don't go into town for leisure much.

    The kids and my wife saw hotel transylvania over the holidays and I had the movie explained to me and the good parts reenacted by my five kids, does that count??

      You have not been to the Cinemas in almost 10 years? my god! I'm guessing The Hobbit might break the chain?

        by god your right, it has been ten years.

        way to make me feel old, I could have sworn it was only a few years ago. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day looking in the mirror stressing that Ive wasted my life.

    The Watch, because Taken 2 was full... No regrets, Richard Ayoade of IT Crowd fame is awesome.

    The last movie was ... Dark Shadows in gold class

    it was interesting enough. I keep meaning to go see things, but most of my friends hate going out in public. I'm really looking forward to Wreck it Ralph, Paranorman and The Hobbit

    Avatar when it first came out. I enjoyed it, but I couldn't see it in 3d because I went with a pirate (guy with only 1 eye). I haven't been to the movies since because KIDS woo!

    Tin Tin.
    Not bad

    Argo. Loved it. Wrote about it on my blog here:

    Essentially, it takes a super interesting true story and ups the paranoia and tension. There's some contrived stuff but it works really well

    Avatar. Awesome. And won't be going back till The Hobbit is released in December.

    Killing Them Softly. really clever underworld movie where not a lot happens. Very stylish and well filmed.

    Safety Not Guaranteed, pretty enjoyable indie movie with lots of heart & laughs. Love Aubrey Plaza.

      Was my answer too! Loved it, had a real kind of unexpected honesty and sincerity about relationships that I loved.

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