Off Topic: Sports Moments You'll Never Forget

I don't know about you guys and girls, but I love watching sports. There are sports I dislike watching (Cricket) but for the most part I'll watch anything. There are, however, a few sporting moments that I will never forget. Insane stuff. I thought I'd throw it out there — what sports do you like watching, and what are some of your favourite sporting moments?

Here are a couple of mine...

Football: Manchester United scoring two goals in injury time to win the Champions League against Bayern Munich. Tennis: Andy Murray winning his first Grand Slam. MMA: Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua vs Dan Henderson at UFC 139. Probably the greatest fight I've ever watched in my life.

Those are the ones I can think of from the top of my head.

Now you go!


    The time the guy kicked the ball and did a goal.

    The crowd went wild!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    This is probably the best passage of AFL football I've seen and I was there in person with maroon, blue and bleached blonde hair.

    Cadel Evans's amazing ride in the 2011 Tour de France to pull back the break away despite mechanical trouble and get him within a minute of Andy Schleck (who he then demolished in the time trial to secure victory).

      And while this isn't as memorable, Grubby vs Slivko in the semi-finals of IEM Singapore on the weekend. Because eSports is slightly relevant.

      Actually, Grubby's run through IEM in general was pretty amazing from a spectator's point of view. Dude knows how to put people on the edge of their seats.

      How can you not cheer for a guy who reacts like this after every major win?

      Actually that time trial victory to win the tour was fantastic too. Evans was riding like a man possessed. You could see just how much he wanted to win.

        It was a pretty spectacular end to the Tour.

    Magpies vs Saints 2010 tied grand final. The last couple of minutes, particularly when Milne was running onto the ball, completely open, ready to steal victory when the ball did a miraculous 90 degree turn to evade him.

    Also this Giggs goal is pretty well burned into the memory banks:

    Probably the one incident that will stick with me forever, was watching some freinds of mine have an accident during practicing their pairs figure skating (ice). He lifted her up, blade got caught in the ice.. he went down, and she came down on top. The heel of his blade went right through her chest and almost punctured her lung! Not the kind of thing that's easy to forget really!

    Apparently the Toronto Argonauts won the sportsball last night.
    As someone living in Toronto, this is somehow relevant to me.
    Because Sportsball.

    Australia vs Italy 2006 World Cup.
    Those bastards...

    Edit: Wait, that's a moment I'll never forget. Definitely not a favourite moment.

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      How about winning the penalty shootout in 2005 to go to the World Cup? I was there! It was exciting! I was capturing it on film and got so excited that I pressed the button to stop recording!


    When in Canada (hi @bish) in 1997, we stayed overnight in the Skydome and watched a game of baseball from our hotel window. That was pretty amazing, though it was the experience more than the game itself that stuck in my mind.

      The thing about well known references is that people always try to work them in.

    Tigers winning the NRL Final in 2005. Also Eric the Eel at the 2000 Olympics. Not a winning moment, but a damn good moment none the less

      Yep Tigers are mine too. Wests Tigers winning the 2005 NRL premiership. In particular the Benji Marshall flick-pass to set up the Pat Richards try.

        I love league (though not necessarily the Tigers) so I agree that moment was amazing.


    Several Wimbledon finals: Ivanisevic beating Rafter, Nadal beating Federer the first time, Federer beating Roddick the last time. Gladiators battling away for hours upon hours, alternating between crazy skill and brute force. This year's Australian open final was pretty good too.

    Cricket: Thrilling test moments (yes, they exist) include Warne and McGrath bowling out England in Adelaide in 2006 to turn what looked like a dull draw into an unbelievable victory, and Michael Clarke taking a bunch of wickets in the final couple of overs against India at the SCG in 2008 to snatch another unlikely victory. The whole 2005 and 2006/7 Ashes campaigns were gripping theatre all the way too.

    Rugby league: Too many week-to-week events to list. Recent ones that springs to mind were my team (Manly) beating both Brisbane and New Zealand on the bell with fantastic length-of-the-field tries. The 40-0 grand final victory from 2008 was also pretty special. The 1997 last minute grand final loss was anti-special :(

    seeing the final round of the 96 AFL season Hawthorn vs Melbourne at the height of the merger talks between the clubs the hakws needed the win to make the finals and Jason Dunstall of the Hawks needed 9 goals to break the hundred for the year he kicked 10 and the hawks won by 1 point (Hawks fan here) being there at that game watching the crowd run onto the field when he kicked the hundred and the hawks winning. Neither side merged and to this day the game is still dubbed the merger game.

    Also watching Michael Jordan (on the tv sadly) was always a highlight of my childhood and still is now.

    1997 AFL grand final - Darren Jarman kicking 5 goals in the last quarter to win the Crows their first premiership.

    Roar's first grandfinal win. Behind the goal for the Partaluu equaliser is something I'll never forget.

    Australia qualifying for the World Cup in 2006 with the John Aloisi Penalty:

    Lionel Messi goal vs Getafe:

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England:

    Yohann Gourcuff vs Paris Saint Germain (mainly because not even the commentators or the crowd realise how good the goal is until seeing the replay):

    Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico:

    Liverpool vs West Ham 2006 FA Cup Final (unfortunately):

    West Ham great escape of 2007. winning 7 out of the last 9 games to avoid relegation, after it seemed all but certain after losing 3-4 to Tottenham, including victories over Manchester United, Arsenal, as well as Everton and Bolton who were pushing for European places, and fellow relegation candidate Wigan:

    Love that video!

    edit: thought I was replying to Trin

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    Federer vs Nadal, Wimbledon 2008. That 4th set tiebreak was just incredible - the forehand pass by Nadal to set up match point, followed by Federer's backhand pass to save match point, just mindblowing tennis.

    Mavs vs Heat, 2011 NBA Finals Game 6. Dirk's redemption, was so happy because the 'villain' of that season was defeated lol

    St Louis Cardinals vs Texas Rangers in 2011 WS Game 6, and vs Washington Nationals in 2012 NLDS Game 5. That's never say die for you.

    Oh and this Vince Carter dunk in Sydney 2000

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      Exactly - That shot of Federer's is burnt into my brain.

      EDIT: One of my biggest sporting regrets is that I didn't get to watch the end of that game live, because it was like 4am and I assumed that it was not going to return from the rain delay.

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        Yeah I was pretty dead for work that day since I watched the whole thing lol, that tiebreak was definitely the climax of the match though.

    Cahill 84', 89'
    Aloisi 90+2'

    The two goals of the 2002 FA Cup Final.

    Damn that Shogun Vs Hendo fight was good. Might have to go watch it again.

    For me, it's got to be sitting 4 rows from the front at UFC 110. Seeing all those fights so close and the reaction of the crowd is unbelivable.

    Dragons beating the tigers in the preliminary final in 2010. Amazing game and amazing atmosphere that night. Also them winning the premiership.

    Blackhawks (in particular Ben Smith) scoring in overtime against the Canucks in game 6 in 2011. Also Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup winning goal in overtime in 2010. Come to think of it, 2010 was an amazing year for me.

    Kieren Perkins winning the 1500m Freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics from lane 8. He'd barely qualified for the final and everyone had written him off as a has-been, and he then proceeded to absolutely thrash the competition for the entirety of the race and win gold. It was glorious.

    Reggie Miller scoring 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks in the playoffs
    and Daniel Chick's smother and shepard to set up Adam Hunter's clutch goal in the 2006 final

    I second the Man U v Bayern Munich victory, the Giggs wonder goal where he beat 4 defenders and David Seaman, and pretty much anything by Roberto Carlos.

    Sadly, as a supporter of the North Sydney Bears, I have many moments from the 90's which I haven't really forgotten, sadly for the most part they have been bad memories.

    Anything around the 2000 Olympics was great, the atmosphere in and around the city was great, especially watching The Dream at the live sites at close to midnight during a night out! Seeing Cameroon defeat Spain in the football final! Erik The Eel! First time the 4x100m US swim team was beaten (and at the touch). Though the biggest impact for me, was seeing Jane Saville get DQ at the final checkpoint before heading into the stadium, that was heartbreaking stuff!

    2003 World Cup was amazing until the final, bloody Wilkinson! The previous match against the All Blacks was brilliant watching with a crowd at Tumbalong Park. The same tournament, South Africa 46-19 Georgia, the score was no reflection of the game with South Africa playing horribly, Georgia receiving a standing ovation from the crowd at full time, they almost pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament.

    I've come to realise that the big sporting events are great and we simply need more of them in Australia!

    Probably Sweden's recent come back against Germany. They were 4 goals down, and somehow managed to recover and level the match.

    Also Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick:

    Sweden are on fire!

    Plenty, but the best of the best in no particular order:

    AFL: Final siren of the 1996 and 1999 Grand Finals and of Glenn Archer's 250th game (the 7 goal last quarter comeback vs Sydney), and being in the guard of honour for Brent Harvey's 301st game.
    Olympics: Duncan Armstrong in 1988, Kieran Perkins in 1996, Usain Bolt in 2008.
    Soccer: ALOISSIIIIIIIIII (the 2006 World Cup penalty shoot out) and the last 10 minutes of the game against Japan at the 2006 World Cup.
    Cricket: So many, but can never go past the 1999 World Cup Semi-Final Australia vs South Africa as the greatest match I've ever seen. My Dad and I woke my mother (and half the neighbourhood probably) with our yelling in the last over.
    Basketball: After watching the long journey of the Miami Heat to this year's finals (through the lean years to the 2011 disappointment to all the highs and lows of this year) and managing to remain spoiler-free before I watched those games, I had just got the sense of inevitability about the win while watching the 3rd quarter of game 5 when I got a message on my phone, reflexively checked it, and the subject line was about buying Championship Celebration gear. It actually made the moment, since I could relax and just enjoy celebrate the win as it wound down instead of worrying about a freak comeback.

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