Okay Dokey, What's Going Down In Steam Sales Today... $7.49 For Arkham City?

This is the sheer power of Steam sales — I am considering buying a game I already own on another platform. A game I have played and finished. A game I know in my heart of hearts I will never even download, let alone play. This is outside the realms of common sense, or any sense for that matter.

The game is Batman: Arkham City. $7.49 is a pretty ridiculous price considering I just paid $12 for a salad and some fruit juice.

Civilization V is also current 75% off $17.49, and Dishonored is 50% off at $39.99.

If I could make one more recommendation, however, it would probably be Mark of the Ninja — a genuine game of the year contender for me. It's currently 50% off at $7.49.


    Have to say the sale has been a bit meh so far..

    I did manage to grab ARMA II Combined Ops for $14.99 so I can play DayZ and Wasteland mods.. but other than that, I haven't seen anything that grabs me.

    As for Civ 5.. I still have a free copy of that sitting around gathering dust..

    CoD was 50% off.. so that was actually a pretty good deal I suppose.. but it's not a game I have any interest in.

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      I considered ARMA but with DayZ ment to be around the corner, I thought ill wait see what comes... Hopefully soon :)

      So far all I have gotten (Bring the good boy I am) is To The Moon :)

        Yup.. same.. I am happy with the purchase though because ARMA II is a game I wouldn't mind fiddling around with in its own right.. I love the realism of it.. and having the mods as well makes it a sweet deal..

          I did kind of want ArmAII as a standalone product to try and justify paying $30 for it (ultimately I talked myself out of it and told myself I'd wait), but when I saw it for $15 and couldn't get excited I realised I was deluding myself and only wanted it for DayZ.

          Since I've decided I'm not interested in DayZ until it's standalone, my ArmAII interest completely dropped off the charts.

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            Yup.. well I also got it for the TDM style "Wastelands" mod.. no zombies in that one but still plays quite well.. I just love driving around and stuff to be honest.. lol.. the combat isn't where it's at for me :)

      I think it has been a fantastic sale for the recently new games that you may not have gotten around to purchasing yet. I just picked up Dishonoured and for anyone who hasn't played Mark of the Ninja it is a no brainer purchase in my opinion.

      I thought 50% off COD was great too.... Until I looked closer and discovered that it wasn't BO2, it was the original BO they were trying to push for $45 AUD! Disgraceful.

        Oh.. didn't catch that.. it looks identical.. the icon for it.. since I didn't have any real interest in the game, I didn't look closer.

          Same here, I did notice it was BlOps and not BlOps2 for a frankly ridiculous price, but not right away.

      I got torchlight 2, deadlight, Quantum Conundrum, portal 2, hotline miami. I am pretty happy with this sale.

      Mark of the Ninja is a must purchase game imo. I purchased it at full price when it came out. At full price, it is worth it, at 50 off, it is a steal.

    I haven't spent much on these sales as I thought I would, but half of the games I've bought are the ones that haven't been advertised on the main page. Like the Double Fine 4 game bundle for $10 and Call of Juarez for $2.50.

    I bought Torchlight 2 four pack... After putting up with unbearable D3 lag this weekend it'll be good to have a LAN game ARPG to play with the wife.

    Also bought us the Orcs Must Die 2 two pack... Never finished OMD1, probably won't bother.

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      Got to love that lag for a single player game right hahahah

        I was playing it co-op... it's just unfortunate I was playing it in a sitatuation where it LAN would have been better... Still don't care anyway, when the game doesn't lag (Which up until this Thanksgiving weekend it hasn't) the game is still very fun, and much better since Patch 1.05

    Picked up the Transformer games, but other than that, nothing's really grabbed me, though probably in part to having grabbd most of what I was interested in in other steam sales

    Got myself Walking Dead and Saints Row 3 for $12 each.

    I also got Fallout: New Vegas off GMG for $9.99

    I made the mistake of buying the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City bundle from Greenman Gaming earlier this week for $20.

    Should have known to wait and see if Steam would beat that.

    I recall people talking about Mark of the Ninja so I decided to pick it up yesterday. Holy crap that game is amazing, the art , the stealth, the animations are just ... Amazing. Controls can get frustrating sometimes but it is so worth the price it listed at!

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      Are you using a KB/M or a controller? I have found the controls with a controller pretty good.

        Using KB/M. The thing I'm having the most problems with is the grapple hook. The targeting for it seems a little erratic at times.

          KB/M isn't ideal for this game. Frankly, it isn't ideal for platformers in general. There are some instances where a controller is superior to a KB/M. :)

    Is there an app yet to monitor the steam sales and alert me when/if my favourite game gets a discount?

    Noone's mentioned Skyrim? As soon as I saw it for $30 I snapped it up. CANNOT BELIEVE how good it is. Have now installed at least 60 mods and it just gets better and better.

    Still a total time waster game, but that's okay for atmosphere and gfx of this calibre. VERY happy with the purchase.

      I'm guessing most people who wanted Skyrim bought it already. I personally played it on the 360 so I was tempted by the PC version, but then I realised I never really enjoy modding anyway, so I'd be paying $30 to have a game on PC that I've already finished.

        I'm really cheap. I never buy games for full price, so I've been waiting like a hawk for it to drop.

        I've got a PS3 as well as my PC, but I find all games to be better on my PC. The mods for skyrim alone... I wouldn't want to play it without them tbh. They add so much awesomeness.

    Civ 5 gods and kings is the only thing i want on pc ATM. For $12 I think I'll buy it.

    So far I've bought Saints Row 3, Arkham City and i'm just about to add Quantum Conundrum to my cart. There were quite a few others I was interested in but they can wait 'til Xmas.

    I've been waiting to see what comes up in the daily and flash deals so far, purchasing Intrusion 2, KOTOR II, Deponia and the Napoleonic Wars expansion for Mount and Blade.

    After work today though the limiter is released and Torchlight II, the Civ V X-Pacs and a bunch of indie games on my wishlist will be mysteriously added to my account.

    Well done, Mark.

    Mark Of The Ninja is amazing, and you should all buy it either on Steam or XBLA

    Just picked up Batman Arkham City for $7.50. BOOYAH

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    So far I've spent a princely $3.72 in the steam sales on LA Noire. Very little has interested me so far, although I read that Kingdoms of Amalur + DLC will be on sale for $12 on Amazon tonight, so I'll definitely get that.

    I was considering Arkham City as well, but apparently it uses SecuROM which is a deal-breaker for me.

    Cracked and bought Witcher 2 today for $15. I put some time into Witcher 1 (which was $2.50) over the weekend and I enjoyed it, but it is seriously clunky. I'll try and stick with Witcher 1 a bit longer to get a feel for the story, but I'm already looknig forward to moving onto Witcher 2.

    Also bought Dead Island for $6.75, I'll try and give that a go this week as well. EVEN THOUGH MOST PEOPLE I KNOW HAD NEGATIVE OPINIONS OF IT WHICH HAS NEGATIVELY COLOURED MY OPINION OF THE GAME.

      I love Action Adventures/RPG's but I found I had to force myself to play and finish Witcher 1 even though everyone raved about it. I did this because I wanted to play and finish Witcher 2... I was so bored by so many things in number 1, but I think you're already seeing them.
      What I guess I'm trying to say is dude, it's not going to get better if you think it will, but I understand/sympathise if you want to play it for the background story.

        I think I'm overstating things a bit. I don't really mind it, but I can see why people found it frustrating.

    Steam is making PC gamers a cheap aholes
    you guys will never be satisfied with the price they are offering,

    Dishonored was cheaper on Green Man Gaming at $29, but seems to have been pulled.

    I've bought 3 games this sale season.

    Chivalry, so much fun, if you can find a server with a free spot!!
    Spec Ops, makes you stop and think
    RAGE, makes me wonder, wonder why it copped so much flake, its seems ok to me.

    Xmas sales is where my wallet is going to hurt, 2 weeks holidays and money to burn.

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    Should keep track of Green Man Gaming too...
    they have a 25% off coupon (GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q) valad for about 15 more hours.
    This coupon can be combined with many other games that are already on sale.

    I picked up Skyrim for $22.50, (Dishonored could also be picked up at the same price, but is no longer for sale).

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      That's a deal for that price. Nice work!

        dishonored is back up on GMG too, Works with the coupon too.
        $22.50 too, bargain :P

    Only got Borderlands 4 pack so far. Trying to resist the temptation to get more.

    Or you could pay $60 dollars for the Wii-U version....*cough*

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