One Of The Best Parts Of Grand Theft Auto Is Now In App Form

I think this is something anyone who has played any Grand Theft Auto game can relate to: driving around, just for the hell of it, flicking through Radio stations, laughing at Lazlow's shenanigans, listening to the well chosen songs from the game's soundtrack. This new Android thingy, allows you to do this in real life by cramming all the soundtracks from all the games into one app.

This is genius and I can't understand why it hasn't been done up until this point (probably licensing)! The app contains almost every radio station from GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. A few radio stations are missing, but apparently the team behind the app is working on that for future updates.

Thanks Atomic!


    This sounds awesome. I loved my GTA:SA CD set.

    ...No GTA 1 soundtrack? Those songs were so good!

    I hope they bring an App to Windows

    I suspect that this one doesn't solve the licencing issues either and will be gone from the store soon.

      It's not by Rockstar if you were wondering...

        In that case it'll probably get taken down by Rockstar for using the GTA game even before the music rights owners get a shot at it.

          Yeah, no where could I find it was developed by or for Rockstar, also no iOS version seems like it would not be by Rockstar.

          Unlikely, they've got a new game coming out, this is good marketing for them.

            I doubt they'd care. They'll be spending masses on marketing as the date gets close anyway so any effect this might have on sales would be a drop in the ocean. The Grand Theft Auto name is the most valuable asset that Take Two have got and I doubt they'd want anybody doing anything with it without authorization.

      On the other hand it's free to install, so no harm done if it does disappear.

    I don't have a smartphone, but ... does this take up stacks of space/data? Seems like it would.

      It streams audio so it would use a lot of data. Unless it saves audio for offline listening I'd assume storage space is no issue, but from the looks of it I doubt it does that.

    it's an audio streaming app, so if the app gets taken down, the stream will probably stop...

    I don't care if it's not licensed, I want that app for iOS right now.

    I actually have both "The Martin Serious Show" and "Just or unjust" from GTAIV on my ipod.
    I love the talk shows from all GTA's, Amy from K-chat in Vice City, I say you say from GTA: SA, of and course Lazlow. I hope GTA V has some crazy shit brewing.

    No iPhone?! I'm jealous / impressed.

    I have no doubt it's not a Rockstar produced app and it will get taken down because:
    The GTA IP (artwork, name, stations, audio conversation content etc.) has not been licensed
    The actual songs themselves require royalty payments, and I don't know how that could be done with a free app.

    It would be just as legitimate if you downloaded the whole collection on torrents and played them on your phone.

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