Original Mass Effect Available For PS3 On December 4

Original Mass Effect Available For PS3 On December 4

The Mass Effect Trilogy, due out for PC and Xbox 360 on November 6, will be available for PlayStation 3 on December 4, BioWare announced today.

The trilogy brings the first Mass Effect game to the PS3 for the first time, although Mass Effect 2 and 3 were both available on the console. Where the trilogy gets more confusing is with DLC, and BioWare producer Ryan Warden tried to clarify that in the post on the BioWare blog where the PS3 release date was announced. In summary, the DLC included with the first Mass Effect for each version is:

  • PS3: “Bring Down The Sky” included on-disc (or integrated with the stand-alone download version of the game)
  • PC: “Bring Down The Sky” and “Pinnacle Station” available as free DLC
  • Xbox 360: “Bring Down The Sky” and “Pinnacle Station” available on XBL Marketplace as paid DLC
  • Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, in all versions of the trilogy, ship with the same included content that the games originally did at launch, per platform, as outlined on the game’s official site.

Ryan Warden: An Update on the Mass Effect Trilogy [BioWare blog]


  • I’m not against this at all. As a 360 owner of all versions I think this is fantastic! They finally get the whole trilogy and not some BS comic. How did it happen though? Did a copyright statute of limitations end?

    • No a copyright lasts for as long as the author + 70 years my guess is Microsoft signed a release or made some type of agreement with Bioware or their was a term in the publishing contract that stated this condition.

      Whatever happended I’m pretty sure we won’t find out.

    • I thought the comic was great – it’s a good way to set up a game without having to play the previous one/s. I’d like to see it still included but optional.

      • I dl’ed the comic when it became available on XBL, it’s nice and a neat way to skip part 1, but unfortunately there’s a *lot* of stuff in part 1 you just tend to miss. Conversations that add depth to the universe, incidents like Conrad Verner that add to the whole over-arching storyline etc. The game is a lot more richer once you play all 3 in a row 🙂 Pity it doesn’t help the awful ending…

  • The suggestion is that MS also had a 5 year publishing deal. The first ME was released on Nov 20th, 2007… so EA have timed it nicely to cash in.

  • For the record – Mass Effect 2 for Ps3 came with all the DLC, except for the latest/last one. I wonder if Pinnacle station will be available for Ps3?

  • My big question is, will you be able to start ME1 and continue your character through the other two? I assume the option was already included or there will be an update to add it in.

  • would actually be interested if me is rebuilt on me3’s engine! I played through all on pc and wouldn’t mind having another crack at me1 (still enjoyed it the most) on ps3.

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